Once Upon Water art residency

Once Upon Water art residency

Once Upon Water is a two-week art residency to create artworks about the material and magical notions of water. Water is in constant flow and yet may present itself as still - a mirror that mesmerizes. In this state its reflective surface invites gazing at our physical selves, but also beyond our bodies to contemplate both our inner experiences and relationships with the outer world. Water gushes from deep below earth’s crevices, falls from elevations and hovers in misty formations. It traverses time, shape-shifts as it slides through various spaces, and is one of earth’s greatest Sculptors. At once, water pours out of taps in developed countries as a banal occurrence, while women in developing countries trek miles to fetch it clean. Alarmingly, earth is under threat of losing all its sea ice this century, while future wars are predicted to be fought over water rather than oil. Yet, the world’s greatest religions say water holds the power to purify and renew.

Once Upon Water will take place at Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto island, Canada. Due to record rains in 2017, forty percent of Toronto Island flooded and the islands were closed to the public. The waters have since receded and island life is once again thriving, but physical traces and stories of the flood remain.

Residents work individually or collaboratively to create artworks that explore tangible and intangible concepts of water through media of their choice, such as photography, video, installation, drawing, painting, performance art, dance, sound art, media art, etc. Artists will have opportunities to socialize and integrate with people who live on, and visit, Toronto island. This programmed residency offers facilitation by multimedia artist Teresa Ascencao, a “water workshop” in movement arts, resident artist talks, a special guest artist talk, gallery tours in the city centre, creative and critical dialogue by the shoreline, and plenty of studio time. Critiques of residents’ works occur on a regular basis, individually with the facilitator and through facilitated group discussions. There will be a closing exhibition of artworks created during the residency (if preferred, artists may show in open studio fashion).

The residency will host up to 20 professional artists. The cost is $1020 for shared accommodation or $1230 for private bedroom, plus HST. The fee includes sleeping quarters, large shared studio, facilitation, programming, and a closing exhibition. Artists are responsible for their travel to Toronto Island, their own food and art supplies. Artists are encouraged to apply for financial support through their federal, provincial and municipal arts councils, and other sources. A letter of support for artists’ grant applications will be provided to artists accepted in the residency.

Deadline for application is 20th April 2018. Apply by filing out the online form (*include your website or link to your work, and indicate you are applying to Once Upon Water).

They welcome people in all walks of life into a creative journey of critical thinking and self-discovery in relation to water on Toronto Island. Indigenous, people with disabilities, people of colour and diverse gender identifications are encouraged to apply. Not all residency locations are wheel chair accessible. Please inquire about accessibility. For more information contact Andrew Lochhead at [email protected] or Teresa Ascencao at [email protected].