From 2006 to 2013, OCAT Shenzhen has organized eight residencies. The organizers are pleased to announce that OCAT Residency project will be restarted in autumn this year. The project is going to happen during 1st September to 30th November of 2018. The invitees undertake a residency no less than one month. They welcome not merely artists, but also historians, curators, designers, architects, writers and culture researchers. The project aims to create a dynamic platform for multi-disciplinary exchange, synthesize international cultural sources and contribute to the construction and development of Chinese contemporary art system within Shenzhen local context, and further to make OCAT Museum Group a sustainable and international contemporary art organization.

Facilities: OCAT offers four residences. Each residency has a studio and a living space. House facility includes WI-FI internet, furniture, television, telephone, washing machine, bathing equipment, air conditioners, fridge, kitchenware and bedding. Specific demands and technical enquiry should be put forward before recipients arriving in Shenzhen so as to be solved in time.

Financial support: The round-trip travel (economy fare) expenses between the recipients’ permanent place of residence and Shenzhen, as well as the fund and facilities for working and researching during the residency.

  • Health and life insurance for the recipient during the residency.
  • The sum of three thousand Yuan (RMB) per month per recipient for the cost of living (meals, traffic, communication and etc.) during the residency (100 Yuan per day, will provide living cost according to the number of days the recipients stay. For group application, they supply the above items according to personal standard).
  • The sum of one thousand and two hundred Yuan (RMB) per month per recipient for the cost of materials and researching works during the residency (formal invoice is needed for reimbursement).

Responsibility of the recipients: Submit documents and residency proposal as requested and achieve the project you mentioned in your proposal when the residency ends. Communicate and coordinate with OCAT team; attend the events of the Residency Project organized by OCAT Shenzhen; communicate with the local artists and research art organizations in Shenzhen and surrounding cities. Open your studio from time to time, make lectures, and communicate with the local public and artists. Visit exhibitions and events organized by OCAT.

Recipients cover any cost incurred outside of the commitments made by OCAT and stated above. Write a report to summarize your residency experience.

Selection: OCAT Shenzhen welcomes applicants from any creative fields from all parts of the world. All applications will be submitted to OCAT Academic Committee and Director of OCAT. Recipients are voted by members of the committee. Some applicants are nominated by OCAT Academic Committee, local and international cooperation organization or curators and artists with cooperative experience.

Achievements: According to the availability, OCAT Shenzhen will hold an exhibition or other type of events to show the achievements of each residency project. And the documents of residency project is resource sharing to OCAT Museum Group and is probably exhibit in other OCAT museums depending on the situation.

To apply please supply the following materials, with deadline 15th April 2018:

1. A completed application form (please send email to wangjinghan@ocat.org.cn to ask for the application form)

2. For artists: One page of latest resume, including your educational background, important personal and group exhibitions, awards and articles or publications about your art work. For critics or curators: One page of latest resume, including your educational background, research achievement or curatorial experience and awards.

3. For artists: The photos or discs of your art work (jpg.). Please clearly indicate the title, media,size and time of them. Also one or two articles or publications about your work. For critics or curators: Critics please supply one or two research papers published on normal publications. Curators please supply at least two catalogues or publications of the exhibitions you curated.

4. A proposal concisely describing your application objective and your project.

5. The subject and brief introduction of the speech you will make during your residency.

(Please submit the materials of 1,2,4 and 5 in both English and Chinese. For group application, please complete 1,2 in personal form and 3,4,5 in group form). The above materials can be sent by email to wangjinghan@ocat.org.cn.