The Notion of Remote

The Notion of Remote

TransArtists newsletter - December 2011

Fogo Island Arts Corporation

photo: Bent Rene´Synnevåg and Saunders Architecture

The Fogo Island Arts Corporation is a contemporary art venue on Fogo Island and Change Islands off the north-east coast of Newfoundland. The Arts Corporation specializes in residencies for international artists and the production of art projects and workshops engaging both local and international participants.

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Cape Farewell

photo: Ruth Little

"Rules: Take photographs, more than you need to, get in the habit, retrain your eye, though don’t get too accustomed to seeing things like this. Record audio, snapshots, journey-sounds (like Kefalonia!). Draw if you can, and write if you can, but only if you can, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do this, and remember, it’ll probably be garbage, the first lot. Take notes, tiny fragments, in the morning, in the evening, again, snapshots of the journey, where you are. And take yourself OFF." Siôn Parkinson, 2011 Scottish Islands Expedition, week 4.
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Cape Farewell pioneers the cultural response to climate change. It brings artists, scientists and communicators together to stimulate the production of art founded in scientific research. Using creativity to innovate, it engages artists for their ability to evolve and amplify a creative language, communicating on a human scale the urgency of the global climate challenge.
Since 2003 Cape Farewell has led eight expeditions to the Arctic, and one to the Peruvian Andes, taking artists, scientists, educators and communicators to experience the effects of climate change firsthand. In 2011 Cape Farewell embarked on its biggest project yet, in partnership with Cove Park: a four-week expedition by boat across the western isles of Scotland.

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Cill Rialaig Project

photo: Gillian Turner

Built out of the ruins of a 1790s pre-famine village atop a cliff face overlooking the Atlantic, Cill Rialaig offers artists, writers and other creative professionals an opportunity to get away from everyday career pressures and the demands of 21st century life in order to focus entirely on their artistic practice.

Read here Gillian Turner's Experience at Cill Rialaig Project, Ireland

The Island Residency

Indianapolis Museum of Art

The IMA is issuing a call for proposals for a summer 2012 six-week residency on Andrea Zittel’s Indianapolis Island within the IMA’s 100 Acres: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park. Graduate and undergraduate students and emerging professionals in the fields of art, design, architecture and performing arts are encouraged to apply to customize and reside on Indianapolis Island. A chosen applicant/s will be awarded a stipend to customize the interior of the island and test their proposal during a six week long summer residency.

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Rabbit Island

Imagine a remote, forested island in the largest body of freshwater in the world.
Now imagine living on that island and being a part of one of the most unique and challenging artist residencies in the world.
Rabbit Island is that island, and it will become that residency! Read more on


© Boris Mikhailov

IZOLYATSIA is a non-governmental arts foundation located on the territory of a former insulation materials plant in Donetsk, Ukraine. The Art Residency Program is a new project launched by IZOLYATSIA. The aim of the project is to attract the attention of international artists to Donetsk and the region as a space with a great potential for cultural development. The project offers artists to work on a proposed curatorial theme, and by immersing themselves within an unfamiliar environment, to create works, which are a reflection of their understanding of Donetsk as a social and cultural phenomenon.

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is an off-grid treehouse artist studio and fieldstation in Glen Nevis, Lochaber, Scotland. A flexible meeting space in the forest for creative collaboration and research. Imagined by London Fieldworks and designed by Malcolm Fraser Architects, Outlandia is inspired by childhood dens, wildlife hides and bothies, by forest outlaws and Japanese poetry platforms. It is located in a copse of Norwegian Spruce and Larch on Forestry Commission land, at the foot of Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highlands, three miles from the town of Fort William. Outlandia is an artist-led project built to foster links between creativity and the environment.

Visual Arts in Rural Communities

Visual Arts in Rural Communities is based at Highgreen, Tarset, Northumberland, UK.
Since 2000 VARC has funded and managed an on-going programme of twelve-month residencies for visual artists.
VARC’s primary aims are to: promote interest, awareness and understanding of visual arts in a rural community through engagement with an artist; develop visual arts projects in rural communities, offer a unique opportunity to an artist wishing to develop his or her practice by working and living in a remote rural community.
The residency is based in converted stable buildings, part of the estate of Highgreen in the North Tyne. Highgreen is remote with stunning views across the moors. There is an immediate community of about 20 people.

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Nes Artist Residency

Nes artist residency is an international residency located in Iceland, a small town in the North region. Nes artist residency seeks to promote an atmosphere of creativity, experimentation, and reflection which artists need, by providing a working environment that supports the artistic process. Skagastönd town provides the facilities for the artists to work and interact. The natural setting, the harbor and surrounding nature inspires, supports and enhances the creativity of the artists who come to Nes, by providing them with an uninterrupted time for work and exploration.

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Artist-in-Residence Programmes in USA National Parks

Did you know that more than 50 Artist-in-Residence programs are offered throughout the USA National Park Service system? Check for more information. Here are a few:

Death Valley National Park AiR Program

The Death Valley National Park Artist-in-Residence program offers professional artists the opportunity to live and work in the majestic desert environment of Death Valley, California for a period of one month.

Grand Canyon Artist-in-Residence Program

Grand Canyon National Park’s Artist-in-Residence Program seeks artists whose work is engaged in issues that are relevant to the Park Interpretative Themes, while also challenging the visitor to become an active participant in preservation and environmental and cultural advocacy.

Read here Lyn Hart's experience as an artist-in-residence at Grand Canyon National Park

RAM/Joshua Tree National Park Artist-In-Residence

The purpose of the Joshua Tree National Park Artist-In-Residence & Affiliate Artist Programs is to provide artistic and educational opportunities to promote deeper understanding of and dialogue about the natural, cultural, and historical resources of Joshua Tree National Park and the deserts of Southern California.