Networks, platforms and mappings - Asia

Networks, platforms and mappings - Asia


Handout: Bamboo Curtain Studio @ TransCultural Exchange 2016

Handout: Bamboo Curtain Studio @ TransCultural Exchange 2016 is an introduction to the different artists-in-residency models existing in Asia. 


China Residencies

China Residencies is a new platform aiming at creating a comprehensive directory and an online platform for visiting artists and hosting organizations in China. Its other missions are to foster successful creative exchanges by strengthening the network of programs, as well as to research organizational best practices, archival systems, and mapping exchange.



AIR_J is a website dedicated to disseminating information about artist-in-residence programs across Japan to those living abroad who are interested in AIR programs and culture of Japan. It also offers the cross-searchable database of AIR programs, FAQ, interviews and essays to update the user with the latest information of AIR programs in Japan and abroad. AIR_J is an initiative by The Japan Foundation.


Taiwan: Arts Residency Network
Since 2000, the Ministry of Culture (then Council of Cultural Affairs) has engaged in cultural diplomacy by partnering with artist villages in the USA, France, Australia and the Czech Republic. By establishing the "Arts Residency Network, Taiwan", a bilingual, easy-to-understand website, the Ministry of Culture aims to compile information on local and international artist villages and provide an platform for exchange and services for local and international artists, curators and arts and cultural institutions.

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