On Myths

On Myths

Trans Artists monthly A-I-R mail

no.17 / myths

A myth, in popular use, is something that is widely believed but false. True or false, these dozed stories do trigger great creativity: blurry pictures; home-made footprint casts and cardboard UFO?s on fishing wire. Trans Artists went searching for artists residencies located in the heat of the mystery. Places where nothing really is what is seems like.

Roswell's cornfields and UFO's

Roswell Artist-in Residence Program was established in 1967 to provide professional studio artists with the unique opportunity to concentrate on their work in a supportive, collegial environment for a period of one year. This "gift of time" allow artists to work without distraction in an effort to break new ground and focus on individual goals. The Artist-in-Residence Program serves as a contemporary counterpoint to the traditional arts of the Southwest, reinforces the Program's interest in strengthening the vitality of art in New Mexico and has been a catalyst in broadening community understanding of modern art.

Can Serrat's Holy Grail

Can Serrat is located in a rustic farmhouse just 45 kilometres outside Barcelona, within the confines of Montserrat Natural Park. The selected writer will be provided with living/working space and meals for a one month period and the opportunity to give a reading at the centre.

  • All applicants for the full stipend will automatically also be considered for a support stipend.
  • Where: Barcelona, Spain

Recording the Transylvanian bat

A collaborative art residency program "Hitchhiking to Transylvania" will be held this August. About 7 video artists are invited to come hitchhiking to Morisena. On the way, you will record images and sounds representing whatever inspires, charms or intrigues them. On the spot, at Morisena, the raw material will be watched and a film will be made, re-composing the materials according to a script to be written together.

  • End of August a screening will take place at Morisena, including dissemination, as well as a DVD publishing.
  • Individual artists, thinkers, writers can also apply for normal residencies of one to three months at Morisena, by sending an e-mail with their plans and motivation and a portfolio.

Trondheim trolls

Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder is housed in an old school in Trondheim, Norway, built in 1906. They provide well equipped and reasonably priced workshops to professional artists, and run a residency program for national and international artists.

Around Trondheim in the foggy mountains, the trolls keep themselves invisible, so they can travel on the winds, such as the wind-troll Ysätters-Kajsa, or sneak into human homes. Sometimes you can only hear them speak, shout and make noise, or the sound of their cattle. Similarly, if you were out in the forest and smelled food cooking, you knew you were near a troll dwelling. The trolls are also great shapeshifters, taking shapes of objects like fallen logs or animals like cats and dogs. A fairly frequent notion is that the trolls liked to appear as rolling balls of yarn.

Yeti spotting!

Tracks in the snow, rare photos, often fuzzy, excretions, hairs and disputed testimonies are some of the elements that continue to fuel debate on the "abominable snowman". Half man, half monkey, it is said to live high up in the thick forests of Nepal and Tibet, where it is known locally by the name "migou."

Sutra art center is an autonomous, artist-led creative group offering artist residencies, based in Kathmandu, Nepal, the High Himalaya some 50-100 km north. Sutra encourages artists to explore beyond conventional and traditional forms of art to create impulses through creativity to bring about changes in society. The theme based residencies are the first of its kind in Nepal linking lacal and international artists.