Millay Colony - call for applications

Millay Colony - call for applications

The Millay Colony for the Arts offers two-week to one-month residencies to six visual artists, writers and composers each month between the months of April and November. Nurturing the work of artists of all ages, from a range of cultures and communities, and in all stages of their artistic careers, the Colony offers private rooms, private studio spaces, all meals, and ample time to work in a quiet, pastoral atmosphere at their Austerlitz, NY campus.

You can apply by using an Online portal at Submittable. Now accepting applications for August – November, 2017. Deadline October 1, 2017. Applications questions can be emailed to: [email protected] or you can call the Residency Director, Calliope Nicholas, at 518 392-3103. A $35 (US dollars) fee or $50 for the Extended Deadline is required for both online application and mail in applications.

Special Residencies

The Two-Week Residency: In order to accommodate artists who cannot partake of a month-long residency, they now offer two two-week sessions in June and September. These sessions function exactly as the longer sessions do, including private bedrooms/studios, and all meals.

The Virtual Residency: The Millay Colony will award one Virtual Residency each year. This residency is specifically for working artists and/or artists with children who could benefit from the support of a residency in modified form. The ‘Virtual Resident’ can participate in one of The Millay Colony’s month-long residency on weekends or no less than four total days during that month at the colony and will receive a stipend of $1,000 to assist in securing time off/childcare/art supplies or other resources necessary to the making of new work.

The Group Residency: The Millay Colony awards two five-day Group Residency each year to a group of between three and seven collaborating artists. This is available to any artists groups, including but not only musicians and bands, publishing collectives, theater and dance troupes, galleries, etc.—or simply individuals collaborating on a project.

All of these residencies are applied for, as with the core month-long residencies, through Submittable.