MeetFactory 2019

MeetFactory 2019

The National Film Archive in Prague and the MeetFactory international Artists-in-Residence program invite artists from various disciplines of contemporary art to apply for a creative residency in Prague, lasting a total of 2 or 3 months, focusing on a specific theme – exploring the artistic legacy of the first multimedia theatre known around the world: Laterna Magika.  

Laterna Magika, which brings together multi-genre theatre performances and film projections on several screens on the stage, was first conceived as Czechoslovakia’s representative cultural promotional for the Expo 58 international exhibition. Its extraordinary success gave rise to an eponymous series of performances and subsequently a permanent theatre stage based on the same production principle. Due to its experimental nature, the combination of several media, the merging of fine arts and newly developed (especially projection) technologies, and finally collaborations with many remarkable personalities, it became a unique phenomenon in the context of both Czech and international art.

The residency call closely relates to the innovative interdisciplinary research project Laterna magika. Past and Present, Documentation, Preservation and Presentation, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic. The principal partner of the project, which will run from 2016 to 2019, is the National Film Archive in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, the CESNET university association, and the Czech Technical University in Prague. The project is comprised of historical research, preservation and digitization of historical film material, and the development of new multimedia data (motion capture dancing sessions, 3D modelling of stage design).

There are three positions available in the Artists-in-Residence programme:

  • research-oriented residency (February – April 2019) – 1 position (the artist is expected to conduct extensive research, his/her artwork reflecting on the work of Laterna Magika will be created after the residency stay in MF)
  • production-oriented residency (August – September 2019) – 2 positions (the artist is expected to create an artwork reflecting on the work of Laterna magika during the residency stay in MF)

The creative result of the artist residency should reflect on the cultural phenomenon of Laterna Magika in the form of an artwork that will be exhibited as part of a larger exhibition project dedicated to the legacy of Laterna Magika. The exhibition will run from September 27th until November 10th 2019. It will be curated by film historian Lucie Česálková and film theorist Kateřina Svatoňová.

During their stay in MeetFactory, the artists will be provided with:

  • accommodation (shared flat),
  • a studio in MeetFactory,
  • per diem 500 EUR/month (before taxes), 
  • curatorial support and networking. 

The artists will have access to the full support of the interdisciplinary research team in terms of access to historical sources, film material, and professional consultations.

Applicants are requested to send the following documents to [email protected] before October 31st 2018:

  • portfolio (with a required length of maximum ten pages)
  • artist’s CV
  • proposal for an artistic project reflecting on the phenomenon of Laterna Magika (ca 500 words)

The title of the email should suggest the type of residency in which the applicant is interested in: “Open Call LM Research” or “Open Call LM Production”.