Meduse in Québec, by Tessa Joosse

Meduse in Québec, by Tessa Joosse

A fan starts blowing..

15-6-2002, Meduse , Québec City, Canada

It is Saturday. The Meduse complex is empty. Most of the employees of the ten organisations that reside here don't work on weekends, especially since the summer holidays are closing in. The complex used to be just a street with different houses. Now all buildings are renovated and connected on the inside by long hallways, endless staircases and an elevator. If I would have brought my roller skates I could have done some marvellous indoor skating. It is flaming hot inside the complex today. I opened the doors to my balcony in the studio-side of my apartment. It doesn't help much. The apartment is lovely. I wish I could take it back with me to Amsterdam. It's a big longish space, all in one. There is a separate space for the bathroom and there is a small room for uncertain purposes, a bed doesn't fit in and when you turn on the light a fan starts blowing.

The best thing about the apartment is the view. Meduse is built halfway uphill. I can see downtown and the mountains far away. I make a large drawing of my view while playing exceptionally loud music. There are four smaller residences above mine but this weekend there is no one there. The artists in those residences never stay long. Mostly they have something specific to do at one the organisations. Once in a while an artist comes to install an exhibition. Sometimes we join up, sometimes not. Coincidence I guess. Next week there is a presentation of my new work, video's and drawings. I?m expecting quite a lot of people for the opening. Inside Meduse there are three galleries, some video and multimedia spaces and two halls for stageplays, performances or concerts.

Anyone even slightly interested knows the program of Meduse and mostly they turn up like faithful subjects. The people here help make my stay as pleasant as it is. They are all so nice. The people of Meduse and also the people on the street and other artists I meet outside of Meduse. They show me the and invite me to their birthday party, on which occasions we mostly end up dancing in the kitchen. My presentation is inside gallery V.U. Normally they exhibit photographs but since I am in residence here I am allowed to show my work. I am blissfully happy being alone in my studio, I have so many things to think of and to try out. I am very excited about all the time and possibilities I have here. There are sound studio's, workplaces for wood, multimedia, metal and graphic arts and so on. It's all so inspiring but I have to keep a clear head and only do the things really necessary, four months isn't that long after all.

Tessa Joosse