Matienschön 2017-18, Buenos Aires

Matienschön 2017-18, Buenos Aires

Matienschön, visual arts team at Club Cultural Matienzo, independent cultural venue in Buenos Aires, invites artists who live outside Argentina – active in visual or audiovisual arts, new media, contextual practices and communitary art, or local techniques and disciplines – to partake in a residency program based in an exchange policy principle. The artists will develop an exhibition at Matienschön and stay in houses of the Hospeda Cultura net. Matienschön will provide workshop space, a budget for project expenses, curatorial and technical assistance and some meals. In exchange for this, they ask that the project considers the spatial and social context, and that the artist generates a concrete opportunity for Argentinian artists in their own places of origin.

Matienschön is the visual arts department at Club Cultural Matienzo, a team of artists and curators which mobilizes material, spacial and human resources for the development of contemporary art projects, that take place either in its own exhibition space (located in CCM’sfirst floor) or in other local and international spaces. Matienschön commissions and curates exhibitions, produces festivals, publishes critical dossiers, organises residencies and exchanges and develops educational programs. Its identity is centered in the development of “artistic experiences of inhabiting spaces”, collaboration, and network culture. Its main aims are to generate oportunities for experimental creation and to foster access to contemporary art.  Since 2012, M atienschön has set its focus in creating international relationships, designing research and production residences for artists who develop exhibitions that consider CCM’s particular space and context

Applications are open to artists or artist collectives living in any place of the world except Argentina, who are willing to :

  • live in Buenos Aires from 3 to 5 weeks, between November 2017 and February 2018.
  • interact with Buenos Aires as a city and its social and cultural context and create bonds with the network of people and projects around Club Cultural Maitenzo
  • develop an exhibition specifically created for Matienschön’s space and context.
  • generate opportunities for Argentine artists in their communities in exchange for the participation in this program.

The artists will be provided with:

  • Housing: they will be offered houses in the Hospeda Cultura for a maximum of 5 weeks. Artists might rotate among more than one house.
  • Work space: they will have exclusive use of the exhibition space during the last 7 days before the opening of the exhibition. In case they need more studio time, Matienschön will help them to look for a suitable space
  • Team: they will receive curatorial and technical assistance by Matienschön team. Matienschön will also be in charge of the communication and documentation of the exhibition, as well as of edition of an online dossier on the project
  • Meals: during the exhibition and the previous week, they will be offered to participate in CCM’s community lunch
  • Budget: they will have up to $10000 -­ Argentinian pesos for the materialization of the project. This budget cannot be used for travel expenses
  • Exhibition: the exhibition will have a duration from 3 to 5 weeks, taking place between December 1st, 2017 and February 28th, 2018. Specific dates will be agreed upon between Matienschön and the artists. The exhibition will be held at Matienschon’s own space.

In exchange, artists must be committed to:

  • Travels: be responsible for their trip to Buenos Aires and back, and for any other internal trip within the time limits of the residence
  • Exhibition: develop an original, hitherto unseen exhibition project, suited to the spatial, technical and material possibilities of the space and which takes the local context. into account
  • Extra Activity: develop at least one activity related to the exhibition, besides the opening. It can be a talk or an open workshop, an interdisciplinary action (performance, music, readings) etc. This activity must search one of the following aims: analyze what has been done from the conceptual point of view, develop an educational aspect of the project, make the exhibition available and attractive for diverse or wider audiences, and/or create links between it and other disciplines or artists.
  • Exchange: work actively with the organizers to generate a concrete opportunity for Argentinian artists in their countries or communities: research, creation or exhibition residences, help to generate financing sources for trips to foreign countries, etc. In case this proves impossible, the artists will have to declare how they can generate a valuable exchange opportunity for Argentine artists.

To apply send to [email protected] (Subject: Residence) one PDF with the following items:

  • Personal data: Name, Birth Date, Place of Birth, Current city of residence, Phone/Whatsapp, Email, website, Facebook Profile and/or Instagram and /or Twitter and/or Linkedin. If you are a collective, all participants must be identified plus the website and Facebook site of the collective, if they exist
  • Artist (or members of the collective) biography - 350 words
  • List of relevant exhibitions, projects, publications, residences, prizes and scholarships
  • List of previous collective projects, cultural organizations or artistic spaces (virtual or real) where the artist/s have participated.
  • Letter of intent. Why do you want to participate in this residence? Give an answer in 300 words
  • Period of time the artist wants to stay in Buenos Aires and possible date of the trip
  • Declaration of what the artist/s  is committed to offer in return (opportunities for Argentine artists) - 300 words
  • Description of the project (600 hundred words and up to 5 images or diagrams)
  • A selection of recent relevant works (up to 5 images, video up to 5 minutes, and/or 150 words).

Applications are due until July 31st 2017. A team comprised by Luz Peuscovich, Agustin Jais and Tamara Painé Ciai will choose the selected participant/s, who will be informed via email by August 2017. If the artist/s ask/s for them, invitation letters will be sent to help them find extra funding for their participation.