Lyn Hart @ Grand Canyon National Park’s Artist-in-Residence

Lyn Hart @ Grand Canyon National Park’s Artist-in-Residence


I want to stay, yet I’m ready to return home. I want to cry because I’m leaving, yet I want to laugh with joy because I’ve been here. I have tried to take so much in so I can remember everything that my senses are filled to the bursting point, yet I know I’ll only remember parts of it. My feet are tired because I’ve hiked nearly 50 miles, but I want to hike more. I’ve had bliss & sadness here. I am still the same artist I was when I came here, but I’ve changed in ways I’ve yet to discover. When I first set foot in & laid eyes on the Canyon I was a young woman, but now I’m leaving half a century old.

Before coming here I thought I might leave with more tangible things, but tapestry weaving is a slow medium. Getting the tapestry I started here halfway completed is a good accomplishment. I decided instead to observe & absorb, so I hiked & took photos, which is how I design my tapestries. I took less traveled trails because I wanted to see, hear, smell the Canyon itself. I took long trails so I could feel I earned the right to represent the Canyon. The condor tapestry I have been asked to weave for the Visitor Center will take a full year to complete since the condor will be life size. The process of designing & weaving it will allow me to revisit my time here, & I am looking forward to the journey"

Lyn Hart

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