Kuandu Residency Program - Open Call

Kuandu Residency Program - Open Call

In 2017, Kuandu Residency Program will specifically focus on the curatorial/research based practices. Curators/researchers/artists that have great interests in modern/contemporary visual arts of Taiwan are invited to submit a curatorial/research proposal. Before the residency ends, a research report should be delivered as a final proposal which will be evaluated as part of KdMofa exhibition or publication project in the future. Please note:

  • The selected curator/researcher/artist should confirm with KdMoFA regarding residency period and proposal within one month after receiving offer letter
  • The selected curator/researcher/artist should send a written confirmation to KdMoFA two months prior to the designated start date if he/she wishes to reschedule the duration of stay, and KdMoFA would offer its assistance in the process. If rescheduling cannot be completed, KdMoFA has the right to cancel the residence, and bring in a replacement.
  • The selected curator/researcher/artist should follow the regulations of KdMoFA. Should the artist act against the regulations or should there be any damage occurred (including the belongings and the reputation of KdMoFA) due to his/her behavior, KdMoFA has the right to terminate the project and residence and claim compensation from the curator/researcher/artist for any loss concerned.
  • The applicant has to guarantee that he/she has the copyright of submitted materials. If there’s any violation or plagiarism act involved, the applicant should bear all relevant responsibilities. KdMoFA reserves the right to cancel the application and entries of the selected curator/researcher/artist.

To apply, please submit the following documents to [email protected] with subject: “Application for 2017 Kuandu Residency Program”, before 15th January 2017:

  • Kuandu Residency Program application form
  • PowerPoint files of recent curatorial/research practices and related experiences (including the personal portrait and relevant images/videos, etc)
  • Photocopy of passport.


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