Incheon Art Platform 2019

Incheon Art Platform 2019

Incheon Art Platform is pleased to announce open call for international artists in their Artists-in-Residence program for 2019. As a cultural complex for the arts, Incheon Art Platform aims to develop its residency program as a space for creative experiments; where artists from diverse practices are encouraged to collaborate and exchange with one another to form alternative discourse in contemporary art. In support of the artists, IAP offers opportunities to engage with the locals by promoting projects (exhibition, etc.) and working with the community. The call is open to artists working in the field of visual arts such as painting, installation, photograph, video, media art, community art, and etc.

Space Availability: 1 artist (individual or duo) per term total of 3 terms in 2019. Duration : 3 months per term. The applicant should select 1 term among the following 3 available terms: Term A : March - May / Term B : June - August / Term C : September - November.


  • INTERNATIONAL is classified under applicant's nationality. Group applicants will be based on the leader's nationality.
  • Individual or group applicants with an active career in relevant field(s) who are over the age of 25. The applicant must have been born on or before November 14th, 1992. All participating members from a group application must be over the age of 25.
  • Only individual artist or artist duo is available to apply. 
  • All applicants are responsible for visa issuance and legal procedures to lawfully participate in IAP. If an applicant is unable to secure legal authorization to reside in South Korea, IAP may revoke your space in the program.
  • Applicant(s) who don't have problem with English.
  • The following organizations are NOT permitted to apply for the residency program: Group of three or more artists; For profit organizations: Commercial, corporations, private management companies, and etc.; Institutional organizations: School clubs, religious organizations, and etc.


  • Participating in IAP program: Open studio, Final exhibition, Residency program (Platform salon, critique program, etc.). International artist(s) will present/exhibit work(s) completed during the period in residence.
  • Agreement for offer portfolio (on/offline)
  • Compliance with the regulations of Art Platform

Support and Resources:

  • Studio: 1 private room per individual or group
  • Guest room (only for international artist): accommodated with a single bed, bathroom for one person
  • Support program, promotion (on/offline)
  • Opportunities to participate in presentation(exhibition, etc.) with proportion of the budget
  • Round-trip airfare (only for international artist) : Up to 1,500,000won (approx. 1,300 US dollars) per artist or group.

Deadline to apply is 27th November 2018. Please submit the following:

  • Online application form
  • Project proposal for the duration of IAP AIR program (approx. 2000words)
  • CV (artist resume: approx. 2000words)
  • Portfolio (in PDF file Format)
  • Up to 20 pages/slides submitted under IAP portfolio guideline in a PDF file format. Further instructions and downloadable template will be available on their website. Video files cannot be unloaded directly. Please use alternative web streams, such as Youtube, Vimeo, or your own personal website. Then make sure to insert the link URLs in your portfolio document.
  • Recommendation Letters (in PDF file Format). Applicant must submit two recommendation letters by international professionals in the field of Arts. Each letter must include referee's signature and contact information (e-mail, contact number). Submit as a PDF files format.
  • Introduction Video: Instead of interviewing, international applicant must submit 1 video file (.avi/.mov) of introducing your creative activities and project plan during your stay in IAP in English within 3 minutes.