IK has come to an end

IK has come to an end

The artists’ residence of the IK Foundation will close its doors after 10 years. Initiated by artist Jan van Munster, the program allowed artists to refresh and deepen their practice within the premises of its location in Oost-Souburg, Zeeland.

As stated by IK Foundation: In 1995 this concept of an artist-in-residence was ground-breaking and unique. In current times, the sources of income for artists have seriously depleted due to changes in culture policy. On the other hand, the number of guest studios shows a huge increase worldwide. The special formula of those times has become a regular facility. Many artists are forced to use it. The accompanying dynamics are far removed from Van Munster’s original intention and IK’s intimate character. With him, the board is therefore of the opinion that the model should be updated or replaced. It is also our conviction that the exploitation of basic facilities cannot be the task of voluntary organizations.

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In 1995, Jan van Munster started the Plus Min Foundation in his former place of residence Renesse. An artists’ residence in two pavilions shaped like a  +  and a  - . Because of ever-encroaching campsites, Van Munster moved to Oost-Souburg in 2005. On the grounds surrounding the monumental water tower he started all over again. He created the IK island and the IK Foundation in 2006.