Fondazione Teatro dell'Opera di Roma

Fondazione Teatro dell'Opera di Roma

“Fabbrica” is the Young Artist Program of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, for Italian and foreign talents who have completed their training at conservatories and academies, and are ready to embark on an international career. Teatro dell’Opera di Roma opens the applications for the second edition of "Fabbrica" Young Artist Program: an innovative training for key professionals involved in the making of opera productions (directors, set designers, costume designers, lighting designers, collaborative pianists and singers). All participants are considered ‘young professionals’ and nurtured through the preparation of auditions, rehearsals, meetings with contemporary artists, and the everyday practical work of engaged professionals coordinated by the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma.

“Fabbrica” Young Artist Program is open to a total of 15 participants: 1 Director, 1 Set Designer, 1 Costume Designer, 1 Lighting Designer, 3 Répétiteurs, and 8 Singers. At the discretion of the commission the total number of places for each category may vary. All applicants must have a discipline relevant to the professional path of interest (that can be documented) and must have already had work experience in the field. The next course will start in January 2018. The program is held onsite at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma (Teatro Costanzi, Teatro Nazionale, Sala Respighi, and during the summer the archaeological site of Terme di Caracalla) and at their workshops. Over the course of 2018—2019, the participants will be involved with the following, but not limited to:

  • collaborating with the directing and technical departments of the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma.
  • following the contracted creative teams of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma.
  • creating new productions for the education department of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma or other related projects.

Participants can also be invited, beginning autumn of 2018 and throughout all the year of 2019, to participate in new projects related to the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma.

The participants are responsible for accommodation, meals and any additional expenses. Each participant will receive a scholarship of 1.000€, to be paid out monthly.

There is an application fee of € 50. The application is online, with deadline 31st May. The following documents are required:

  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae,
  • Scan of a proof of identity (Passport or ID Card),
  • Scan of the bank receipt of 50€ (see Bando for details)