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On Flanders

Trans Artists monthly A-I-R mail

no. 19 / Flanders

Mesure Made Residency

Yearly, art center BUDA welcomes around 40 artists (individuals and groups) to come and work and live for a period of time in Kortrijk, Belgium. Buda fine-tunes measure made residence programs for visiting artists, to make sure their research and creation takes place in optimal circumstances.

At Buda, visiting artists have a wide range of unique locations to their disposal. Next to the use of a working studio and accommodation, they are able to use to technical equipped theatre/project/performance spaces in the Buda Tower. A professional cinema, in the Budascoop. All projects can eb assisted by the technician crew.

Buda Kunstencentrum


Nadine is a transdisciplinary laboratory for contemporary artists: a place where innovative work can be created, supported, and presented. There are two venues: PLATEAU, for long-term residencies ( 2-3 months) and TANI for short term residencies.

Nadine wants to provide continuous support for innovative projects that need the right context in which they can thrive whilst developing their own methodology for artistic research and explicitly focusing on the artistic process. Nadine


The organisation FLACC is housed in the "Casino Modern", a building once used by the mining industry in Genk. The complex was recently renovated and now contains several workshops, a presentation hall and a theatre.

This workplace for visual artists creates the conceptual, organisational and technical conditions for realising unique artist projects.


Turkish Bath: Documentation space

Bains::Connective is in the first place a house where artists can focus on research and process during a residency. B::C offers them time and space to create a work and present it to a first public.

A priori no one is excluded. B::C is a house that urges on artistic exchange: between artistic disciplines and artists, between experience and newcomers, between emotions and structures, between the organization and its own history, its position in the neighbourhood, its architecture, its openness towards new projects.

Bains::Connective is situated in the ancient art-deco swimming pool of Forest.