Fellowships for Art and Theory at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

Fellowships for Art and Theory at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

With its Fellowship Program for Art and Theory, Büchsenhausen promotes internationally relevant artistic production, research, and discussion in the region of Tyrol. The program is based on the idea of generating and maintaining a context for production and discussion, in which artists and theorists can connect and reflect on international art and societal discourses in relation to local topics and issues. At the same time, it affords the opportunity for an artistic laboratory of experimentation, where new artistic practices and strategies may be tried out.

Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen invites visual and media artists, art critics, theorists, and curators to apply for a fellowship in 2020–2021 (5 October, 2020 – 12 June, 2021). Candidates can apply for a five-month fellowship.

The program's aims are:

  • to promote and relay a critical, socially relevant production of knowledge in art and art theory;
  • to produce, through the fellowship projects, qualified discourses on art and society within the local and global contexts;
  • to enable the transfer of knowledge between the field of art and other publics outside the art context;
  • to facilitate the exchange between cultural producers in the visual arts and beyond (creating a network of experts).

The program combines the advantages of a residency with the possibilities of a postgraduate, non-university lectureship on the basis of an open, non-formalized structure. In terms of content, the program addresses a worldwide public made up of professionals in the fields of contemporary art, architecture, art and media theory, and criticism.

The fellows are selected by a jury of experts following an open call for applications. They come to Büchsenhausen for a minimum of five months to work on realizing their proposed undertaking, and accompany this process with public events. For this purpose, Büchsenhausen assigns a monetary award and provides a production budget, a budget to facilitate the exchange with other experts and to (at least partially) cover the fellows‘ own travel costs, free access to the working space, free lodging, as well as artistic and technical advice.

The Fellowship consists:

  • money award of EUR 3,700;
  • individual studio for working and living, furnished with a large shared kitchen;
  • production budget for the realization of the submitted proposal;
  • budget for inviting experts to Büchsenhausen for the purpose of professional exchange;
  • budget for covering the own travel costs (in relation to the Fellowship Program);
  • the opportunity of a group exhibition at the end of the fellowship;

Applications are to be written in English. The jury acknowledges that consideration must be taken for submissions by non-native English speakers regarding issues of spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. Applications must include the following printed documents:


  • the working proposal (max 1,500 words, printed form, 3 copies)
  • visual portfolio/documentation of recent work. The portfolio can be submitted in paper form (max. 2 catalogs/portfolios), on DVD, CD or USB stick (max. 1 DVD/CD/USB stick), or digitally via a permanent link (no time-limited download links like WeTransfer!)
  • curriculum vitae (printed form, 3 copies)
  • completed and signed application form (printed form, 1 copy)

Theorists/art critics:

  • the working proposal (max 1,500 words, printed form, 3 copies)
  • 1 recent writing sample (printed form, 3 copies)
  • curriculum vitae (printed form, 3 copies)
  • completed and signed application form (printed form, 1 copy)

Please note that only submissions sent by post are accepted, with deadline 31st January 2020 (postmark). The address to which the applications must be posted is:

Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen
Ref.: “Fellowship 2019–20”
Weiherburggasse 13
6020 Innsbruck