Exformation - book launch

Exformation - book launch

In ‘exformation’, Dutch artists, Hannie van den Bergh and Jan van den Berg offer us a colourful, polyphonic collection of photos and stories representing their trips to Japan and their encounters in Japan. Between 2004 and 2020, they created a variety of artworks relating in one way or another to ‘imaging’: the ideas, impressions and mental images people form of themselves and others – in this case, as a result of their ‘intercultural dialogue’, the Dutch and the Japanese. ‘Exformation’ is essentially the record of a series of encounters between artists from the opposite ends of the Earth. From clumsy attempts at relating to building castles in the sky during the mutual enjoyment of a glass of good sake. And, to working together on the ensuing artworks.

A project that was facilitated by residency programs Studio Kura (Itoshima), AIR Kyoto Machiya in collaboration with KCCC), Sapporo Tenjinyama and Rice+ Tokyo AiR project by curator Emiko Kato.

More information on the book you find here.

Hannie van den Bergh is the founder of Deshima, a residency in Amsterdam to facilitate Japanese artists to work and explore arts and culture in the Netherlands.