Encounters in Research & Experiment

Encounters in Research & Experiment

Trans Artists Newsletter - March 2012

In quest of reflecting and questioning the world we live in today, the arts, science & technologies follow similar trajectories. It is here that opportunities for collaboration arise. To inspire, share expertise, develop knowledge and refresh perspectives. Encounters are numerous, and collaborations take place in different adventures. As the scientist says: “If you want to succeed, double your failure rate”.

Let us introduce you to a selection of exciting opportunities to deepen your sense for research and experiment.

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Empac: creative exploring

EMPAC (Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center) located in Troy, New York offers a residency program for scholars, researchers, artists, designers and engineers whose work is directed at the intersection of physical,

human-scale environments and the technological domain. EMPAC includes many exceptional attributes in the fields of acoustics, theatrical presentation, and digital media. Further more a high-bandwidth computer, audio and video networks and the opportunity to connect with the Rensselaer’s CCNI supercomputer.

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Deadline: May 14 2012,September 17, 2012
location: Troy New York, US

EKWC: Laboratory in ceramics and design

EKWC (European Keramic Work Centre), Den Bosch, the Netherlands.
[email protected] is an international workplace and AiR program where artists, designers and architects explore the technical and artistic possibilities of ceramics. Also available digital laboratory: Cad/cam residences. Find out what computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing can do for you and your work. Applications for Cad/cam AiR all your round!

And: The latest exhibition at EKWC was an installation of ceramic works by Tina Zlatina (Bulgaria).
Read here the interview about her stay at EKWC

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Deadline: Ceramics closed for 2012. Cad/cam all year round
Location: Den Bosch, NL

Art Serde: interdisciplinary research group

A 18th century building of wood and red brick in the centre of Aizpute (Latvia) houses the interdisciplinary group of Art SERDE, which main activities involve the exchange between culture, science and education. It’s a platform for international and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Every year comes with a different research focus. In 2012 their main priorities lie in ethnobotany, gardening and society; have a look at their project in 2012 "Supermarketfair".

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Deadline: Ongoing / inform at the organization
Location: Aizpute, Latvia

Verbeke Foundation: Culture, nature & ecology

Image: Van der Meijs, motor and Sander Veenhof, studio                                     

The Verbeke Foundation, founded by art collectors Geert and Carla Verbeke-Lens, is a private art site. Culture, nature and ecology go hand in hand in the Verbeke Foundation. With 12 hectares (29.7 acres) of scenic area and 20,000 m² (4,9 acres) covered spaces, the Foundation is one of the largest private initiatives for contemporary art throughout Europe. The Verbeke Foundation focus is on experiment and production in arts and science and provides in a workshop, a laboratory for new media and lots of space.

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Deadline: ongoing
Location: Westakker, BE

SymbioticA: biological science

Image: "Victimless Leather" by Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr. SymbioticA is a research laboratory, enabling artists and researchers to engage in wet biology practices in a biological science department. SymbioticA hosts residents, workshops, exhibitions and symposiums. The Centre offers a new means of artistic inquiry where artists actively use the tools and technologies of science, not just to comment about them but also to explore their possibilities.

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Deadline: March 21, September 21 each year 
Location: Perth, AU

The STUDIO: creative inquiry

The STUDIO for Creative Inquiry supports interdisciplinary, and inter-institutional research and projects at the intersections of arts, technology and culture. They currently suppor artists who create and adapt new technologies in their work, such as interactive installation, robotics, computational cinema, biological art, network culture, tactical media, critical software and game arts.

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Deadline: Open Call
Location: Pittsburgh, US (College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University)