Electro-etching residency grants 2020

Electro-etching residency grants 2020

The electro-etching residency-workshop introduces the artist to an alternative printmaking technique, safer than traditional intaglio etching. It uses a completely non-toxic electrical process, avoiding totally the harmful acids, sprays, rosins and asphalts for aquatints used in traditional etching. The artist Alfonso Crujera, a master printmaker and specialist in the different techniques employed when etching with electrolysis leads the residency-workshop.

The resident artist will be introduced to the fascinating process of electro-etching copper and zinc plates. They will have access to the master’s direct and personal assistance and will have the opportunity to develop their current knowledge of non-toxic etching using electricity, applying these techniques to their own work. The artist will also learn how to assemble an electro-etching unit themselves, so they will be able to continue electro-etching in their own studio back home.

The current open call is for two individual grants for two artists under thirty, Fine Arts graduates between 2015 and 2019 with experience in intaglio printmaking:

  • The grant consists of free accommodation for two weeks and the trip to and from the airport to the residence at the beginning and end of the stay. This represents a saving of the artist of €625
  • Those selected must pay their trip to Gran Canaria, their food, and proffesional advice in electro-etching.
  • Workshop and instruction: €1,260. The price does not include papers and plates, which should be brought by the artists
  • Health insurance is obligatory
  • Each artists accommodation consists of a single room with a private bathroom and shower, and kitchen to prepare food, free internet, and an art librarary.

A reasonable timetable will be offered to guide and advise the artists on the technique of electro-etching, four hours a day for five days a week. The workshop will be at their disposal 24 hours a day. The necessary equipment to etch (electrolytic unit, tools, acrylic and oil based resists, proof inks, solvents) will be provided at the workshop.

To apply for the grant artists should send an e-mail to [email protected], with deadline 20th December 2019, including the filled Registration Form, copy of his/her graduation certificate, a CV and a brief biography, five pictures of prints and a statement of why he/she wants to attend the Electro-etching workshop (200 words maximum).

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