Daegu Art Factory 2020

Daegu Art Factory 2020

Daegu Art Factory affiliated with the Daegu Foundation for Culture has the opportunity to invite artists to join its artist-in-residence program designed to support their creative activities. A refurbished warehouse of a tobacco manufacturing plant, a token of Korea’s industrial heritage, Daegu Art Factory functions not only as an art space for fusion and convergence creation but also as a civic art platform. The factory hopes more artists will be interested in and join this program to encourage diverse, experimental creation and promote artistic activity.

Conditions of application for Overseas artists:

  • No age limit.
  • All participants must have foreign nationality.
  • Each participant must solve all matters pertaining to their stay in Korea including obtaining a visa.

The dates of the residency for Overseas artists are: March - May, 2020; June - August, 2020 and September - November, 2020.

Details of Support by the residency:

  • 300,000 won as creation support fund every month. (The amount is the same for both long-term and mid-term resident artists).
  • Space support for creation.
  • One studio for one artist (one team). Every studio is air-conditioned and heated and facilitated with a bathroom.
  • A square studio measuring 62~82 m2 will be offered (height: 3,500 mm).
  • Each resident must bear utility expenses (electric charges and other public charges and tax) accrued during their period of residence.
  • Common facilities (common workshop, community room, cookroom, laundry room) are available for every resident.
  • Facilities (exhibit room, Suchang Hall, seminar room, conference room) can be used at no charge.

Program and promotional support:

  • Support for resident-related programs (exhibition, performance, joint project, 1:1 critic program)
  • Support for publishing catalogs or printed materials.
  • Promotional support at home and abroad.

Deadline for applying is 19th December 2019. Application must be send by e-mail: [email protected], with the following documents:

  • An application
  • A copy of residential registration (It will be returned or disposed of after screening).
  • Health Insurance Certificate of Qualification (It will not be returned).
  • A portfolio - There is no fixed form in creating the portfolio, but it should be within 10 pages. It must be submitted in the file format (PDF or PPT).