Ceramics and Photography residencies at Talavera

Ceramics and Photography residencies at Talavera

All foreign professionals who work in the field of ceramics or photography and wish to develop their individual work at the Escuela de Arte “Talavera” (Talavera School of Art) are eligible to apply. Individuals of all nationalities are encouraged to apply and must be non residents of Spain. The artistic residencies seek to establish an international cultural exchange in the fields of ceramics and photography with professionals to share their artistic and cultural knowledge. One of the principle objectives of the project is to promote ceramic art, as well as establish a collection of artistic pieces and a photographic archive concerning the ceramic process. The photos will also document the artistic process, our cultural heritage and the ethnographic and natural world. 

There will be three artistic residencies, two specializing in ceramics and one in photography. Applicants must demonstrate training and/or an artistic career in the field of ceramics or photography. The Ayuntamiento of Talavera de la Reina will grant a maximum of 1,800 € (euros) for each one of the residencies. These funds will be paid to each artist until the maximum quantity is reached, upon presentation and validation of receipts. Valid expenditures include travel, lodging and daily living expenses. The Talavera School of Art will grant a work space and will allow use of school equipment for the development of each resident’s work during their stay.

Obligations of the residents:

  • Residents will agree to develop their work during the duration of the residency, to contribute at least one piece to the Ayuntamiento’s Artistic Collection as well as give a lecture or master class about their work at the Talavera School of Art.
  • Residents will agree to care for the school’s equipment and to utilize their assigned studio exclusively for artistic production. When information about the program and it’s exhibitions is disseminated, work produced during the residency will be identified as having been produced under the auspices of the International Residency Program at the Talavera School of Art.
  • Residents must authorize that their name will be cited, as well as photographic reproduction of their work for whatever type of publicity or publication that the Ayuntamiento of Talavera or the Talavera School of Art consider relevant to the Residency Programs and their educational and cultural significance.
  • Residents must adhere to the norms of the Talavera School of Art and respect the building and communal spaces.  The school is open Monday to Friday 9:00 – 21:00 and is closed on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

The application is done online, with a deadline 30th April 2017.