Brno Artist in Residence Program

Brno Artist in Residence Program

Since 2017 the residency program has become one of the key constituents of the Brno House of Arts concept. The third floor of the House of the Lords of Kunštát, refurbished so that to accommodate the residency program, offers facilities for the stay and work of artists in two studios. This international residency program was launched with the objective to develop opportunities for an exchange of ideas and opinions between the Czech and international art scene, and for further expanding the current position of the Brno House of Arts as a complex intermediator of contemporary art towards an active artistic environment.

The current open call is for one artist and one curator for a 1-month residency (mid-November to mid-December 2017 - dates to be discussed). The Brno House of Arts provides:

  • Artist fee: 8 500 CZK
  • Accommodation for one month
  • Studio (curator / theoretician will be not provided with studio)  
  • PR activities
  • Available technical equipment for work: handy recorder, camera, tripod, projector + workshop tools

Obligations of the participants:

  • To stay in Brno for 75% of the time
  • To participate in a program organized by The Brno House of Arts
  • Communication languages are English and Czech
  • The artist undertakes to elaborate a final report with photographic documentation from the course of the residency 

Deadline for application is October 22, 2017. Application should be sent via e-mail in a PDF to [email protected], with the following:

  • Short introduction letter (max. 900 characters) - can be send in the body of the e-mail
  • CV with contact details (e-mail + phone number) - pdf!
  • Portfolio or link to website with previous artistic experiences - pdf! Provide links to your own website, vimeo, youtube etc. Please do not send video files.
  • Project proposal (max. 2 norm pages) - pdf!