Bamboo Curtain Studio 2018

Bamboo Curtain Studio 2018

Each year Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) focuses on the value between art and society through different themes: from ''Share, Connect, Co-create'', ''Social Change '' to ''Creative Collaboration as Catalyst for Change''. These themes are encouraging artists to try, besides using different materials, and aim at a higher sensibility towards social awareness and related sustainability issues.

In the year of 2018, they will introduce the theme of ''Rule of Game'' for the studio’s Creative Talent program. They  wish to investigate how different settings hold different rules of the game. By having the freedom of choice, one maneuver under the limitations within a game, one will make various encounters with people, building up communities under these social occasions, going forward making mutual influences, and pave the way to taking actions. What's interesting is, because people are in the equation, after they make the first contact, they also make impacts on each other via these interactions. While resolving conflict and disagreements, they lead each other towards changes in rules. Issues nowadays no longer fit to be handled with traditional methods, and what positions can artists take to properly interpret social awareness and sustainability? How do we come up with innovative rules of the game that can face up towards society, which is geared under capitalism and consumerism? What are the possibilities out there now and in the future?

BCS residency program is open to all professionally established visual artist, performer, curator, architect, engineer and researcher, both individual and group. Emerging artists are also welcome to apply. They especially welcome applicants working in the area of cross discipline, ecology and environment, and community engagement projects. They also encourage both Taiwan and international creative as a team to submit the proposal. All applicants must be able to communicate in English or Chinese. Support:

  • Selected artist may choose either up to two month free residence space or one month free exhibition space from April to June or Sep to Dec 2018.
  • BCS do not have funding program.
  • Selected creative has to responsible for their travel and expense here. 
  • BCS will provide recourses or connection for incoming resident.
  • The first week would be orientation and arrange a series of workshop.
  • One public artist talk or workshop is required.

Please read carefully the guidelines before applying. Deadline for application is October 29 2017

PDF icon attach 2018 BCS open call_guideline .pdf PDF icon 2018 BCS creative talent open call_application form.pdf