Balmoral fellowships 2018

Balmoral fellowships 2018

The conditions for all fellowships with the exception of the curator fellowship are a completed course of study in art (M.F.A. or comparable degree) and two to three years (depending on the respective fellowship) of continuous artistic work after the conclusion of the studies until the beginning of the fellowship. Applications are also possible for autodidacts distinguished by special artistic achievements, as documented by exhibitions and prizes. To foster artistic dialog and interdisciplinary collaboration, knowledge of German or English is expected.

International residential fellowships : The theme for the Balmoral residential fellowships is 'Shaping the future. How do we want to live, love and work?'

Our world faces complex challenges of a social, ecological, political and economic nature. While the present we live in is a time of global crises, the latest developments in science and technology open up a view of the future that is optimistic and full of great promise, and these are at the heart of lively discussions over a wide social spectrum. Many exhibitions, interdisciplinary symposia and publications are currently dedicated to exploring how we want to live in the future.

What is the role of the visionary potential of art in this context? The creative, critical, emancipated and playful view that artists bring to bear enables us to look at life and society in new ways. They reflect our present and create a design for the future from an aesthetic perspective. Does this mean that artists offer a relevant contribution to the topics of our age? Are they the trailblazers who are shaping our future? The Kuenstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral is taking up this ongoing debate and asking artists for their visions and drafts of the way we are to co-exist in the future. This means that the focus of the artistic work of applicants for the 2018 residential fellowships must relate to the theme of 'Shaping the future. How do we want to live, love and work?'.

What are the themes that will affect individuals and society in the future? What opportunities will be opened up? What criticism will there be? What do we need more of? What is lacking? What is superfluous? What can we dream of? What can we look forward to? What is (im-)possible? What we are looking for with this year's theme is a multi-media, cross-genre interaction linking fine arts with neighbouring disciplines such as architecture and design as well as various scientific fields. Visual interaction will be at the forefront for the residential fellowships. We are looking for images, objects and other visual translations that imagine the future and deal with the (re-)shaping of the world of tomorrow.

Two fellowships last three months and four fellowships last nine months. All residential fellowships run from June 2018. The residential fellowships are endowed with 1,400 € a month and include free accommodation in the Kuenstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral.

International curator fellowship:

To foster dialog between artistic work and theoretical reflection, Balmoral awards a residential curator fellowship to a fellow in the humanities (preferably art history). The curator fellowship is awarded to persons whose university degree (at least M.A.) was completed not more than 5 years ago. For the curator fellowship, mastery of the German language spoken and in writing as well as good knowledge of English is essential.

The fellowship lasts nine months and begins in June 2018. It is endowed with 1,400 € per month and includes free accommodation in the Kuenstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral.

Application documents (no originals!). To be sent by post, with deadline 30th June:

  • Two-sided application form (the application form is available for download during the application period for each fellowship and must be completed and submitted with the application. Applications without a filled application form will not be accepted. 
  • CV including your artistic career history and previous grants
  • Explanations to the artistic work and aims during the stay (altogether max. 600 words) 
  • At most 10 photos or other images of the artistic work (no slides, no photo CDs, no Mac data CDs)

- At most one exhibition catalogue; no collective catalogues 
- At most one CD or DVD, no longer than 15 min. 

The application materials must not exceed A4 size and a total weight of 2 kg incl. packing. The Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral is not responsible for submitted application material. Applications by e-mail will not be accepted. Send your application to: Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral; Villenpromenade 11; 56130 BAD EMS; Germany