The museum residence “Artкommunalka Erofeev and Others” and Kolomna Old Merchant District Creative and Museum Cluster with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Moscow Region and the State Autonomous Cultural Institution of Moscow Region “The Centre for Cultural Initiatives” are holding an open international competition for artists and writers to receive grants for the implementation of creative projects in the field of visual arts and literature in 2018. Artists and writers who are prepared to create projects in the art residence in accordance with the terms of the competition are invited to apply. The competition is held annually. The art residence is located in the historical centre of the city of Kolomna, Moscow Region, in the XIXth century tenement building, which was transformed into a museum in 2011. It is a unique Soviet era site linked with the name of the well-known Russian writer Venedikt Erofeev, the author of the “Moscow-Petushki” prose poem. Here you can find more info about the museum.

Terms of the competition and rules of participation: The selection of residents will be based on the applicants’ proposals. Projects that meet the objectives of the competition will be accepted for consideration. Artistic and drama projects in the spirit of “the culture of participation” that involve the local community and different groups of people in the creative work in Kolomna’s public spaces are particularly welcome. Projects offering educational art programmes to children and adults are also welcome. Finished literary projects must result in texts written in Russian. The OBJECTIVE of the competition is to support the most innovative and original creative proposals that are in line with the spirit and objectives of developing modern art and literature.   

A specific application form must be filled in and submitted in order to participate in the competition. Applications must be submitted and sent to [email protected]. The deadline for submissions is 15 November 2017 (inclusive) and the email must include the following text in the subject field:


Attachments to be included to the application:

  • illustrative materials (no more than 6 JPG files, the names of which must include the participant’s surname; the maximum file size is 5 Mb each).
  • The proposals must be written either in Russian or in English.
  • Please wait to receive confirmation of receipt from the administrators.

All proposals will be considered by the competition’s judging panel. Reasons for the rejection of proposals will not be given. The results of the competition will be sent to participants via email no later than 8 December 2017 and posted on Artkommunalka’s internet resources.

The winners of the competition will receive the right to reside at the art residence and a grant to implement their project. The winners of the competition will be granted an opportunity to present their projects in the museum exhibition halls. At the end of the year the art residence will publish a catalogue of all the projects implemented. The amount of the grant is as follows:

  • for artists – 50 000 RUB + 20 000 RUB*                                                    
  • for writers – 35 000 RUB + 20 000 RUB*

The competition will offer a total of 7 grants: 5 for artists and 2 for writers.

*Each grant includes 20 000 RUB​  for the presentation of the completed project [+ materials, the creation of an exhibition, video and photo materials, advertising, the publication of a catalogue/booklet].

The additional budget of each stay at the residence includes: free accommodation in a fully equipped studio combined with a workshop, return travel expenses from the winner’s place to the residence; visa and insurance expenses (for foreign citizens). Grant payment procedure: the first part of the grant (25000 for artists and 17 500 for writers will be paid upon arrival at the residency and upon agreement of the project plan, and the remaining part upon completion of the residency programme. 

The residency programme includes:                                                                                                     

  • the implementation of a proposed (and never done before) project in the art residence within a given time frame (from 2 weeks to 2 months)                                                                                                       
  • an introductory meeting and presentation of the proposed project, past projects, and plans for the residency;                                                                                                                       
  • involvement in the social activities of the museum residence (open days, master classes, lectures, and media interviews);    
  • a final presentation of the project in the form of an exhibition, public show, live art performance, etc. (for artists) or a prepared text and its presentation to the public (for writers);
  • for artists: – the transfer of one of the works completed during the residency (chosen by the Artkommunalka judging panel) to the holdings of the museum residence. For writers – for any subsequent publication of texts written as part of the art residency, the Artkommunalka museum residence must be specified as the place where the text was written.              
  • observance of the rules for staying at the residence
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