The Vivegnis International residences and workshop

The Vivegnis International residences and workshop

The City of Liege and the Federation Wallonia-Brussels offer a program of residences/workshops for visual artists working in the field of contemporary art. The Vivegnis International Residences/Workshops are a place dedicated to research and professionalization for visual artists and / or recent graduates with potential for success, for which the residence may contribute to their professional advancement. Thus, in a unique working environment, artists benefit from monitoring, supervision in terms of communication and meetings with professionals in the sectors.

The Vivegnis International Residences/Workshops are located in a former industrial site, in an annex of Batterie’s coaling station, which is converted into a contemporary art center. Facing it, the hillsides of the Citadel are the largest park in the city (over 80 hectares). The Liege landscape and industrial base – historical or contemporary – is likely to be a working axis for the residents although all themes can be promoted.

The hosting includes a management structure made of administrative and technical staff. It takes care of the media coverage of the project, the publication of the results and the organisation of the events during their stays. The residences Vivegnis International Workshops are composed of 3 flats (+/- 80m² / two of two rooms and one of one room) and 4 workshops (+/- 100m²).  Visual artists from the Federation Wallonia-Brussels residing in the Liege area will not benefit from accommodation. International partnerships and exchange programs are implemented.

The artists will be provided with the following:

  • Access to a workspace (+/- 100m²) during a limited period of time (usually 3 months except contrary disposition)
  • Payment of a scholarship of 600 euros/month.
  • Connections with contemporary art structures (artists, art critic, art gallery)
  • Promotion of the work of artists by means of specific communication materials for each activity (website, flyers and for exhibitions, mailings for specific events, publication).
  • An “open workshops” exhibition organized three times a year.

Presence of artists is mandatory at the place of residency duing stay. Artists living in the residence may have to share a flat with another resident.

The application must be submitted to the RAVI artistic committee, which will select the resident artists on the basis of the quality of their work and the implemented project. It is asked to imperatively detail the application respecting this order :
1. The duly filled deposit form of the project,
2. A note of intent detailling the project (max. 5000 characters),
3. A structured and succinct note of intent detailing the research topics and the proposed project (max. 5000 characters),
4. A project implementation schedule on the basis of a 3-month residence. A proposal for a stay of varying duration (maximum 6 months) can be introduced on a detailed request.
5. A resume
6. Visuals of recent works (max. 10), all publications likely to clarify the understanding of the work and a mention to a reference website.

Deadline for application is 2nd october 2017 (the date of the postmark). It should be sent in 2 parts:

  • A complete file by email to [email protected]. Visuals should be sent by WeTransfer.
  • A Short file (will include the application, the CV, the note of intent and visual) by post to the administration of the Deputy Mayor of Culture of the City of Liège, to the attention of Fanny Laixhay (coordinator), Feronstrée, 92 , B-4000 Liège