Art meets Science at Wageningen University & Research

Art meets Science at Wageningen University & Research

Ten artists and scientists will work together on a project to discover the boundaries of art and science. The goal is to stimulate innovations and crossovers between the different disciplines in a way that entails more than the sum of the individual parts (creative innovation). The project is part of the 100-years celebration of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Theme of the programme is ‘Wageningen Wisdom & Wonder’. Each artist will be working on one theme and is offered a 2 months period financial support. Individuals from all art disciplines are welcome to apply for a residency on Wageningen Campus. WUR will invite 10 artists to work together with scientists on 10 interdisciplinary themes between pairs of the five WUR Science groups: Agrotechnology & Food Sciences (AFSG), Animal Sciences (ASG), Environmental Sciences (ESG), Plant Sciences (PSG) and Social Sciences (SSG). The themes are as follows (please download the complete description here):

  • Ethics of responsible production & consumption 
  • Understanding and using evolution to increase resilience 
  • Ethics & Genetics 
  • Interconnectivity of plants and animals 
  • Adaptability of cultures and ecosystems 
  • Dialogue of inclusion and diversity 
  • Big data & Fake data 
  • Sensing tipping-points in system earth 
  • Emerging system properties & Climate feedbacks 
  • Life changing micro biomes 

The following periods are offered for a residence:

  • March-April 2018
  • April-May 2018
  • May-June 2018
  • August-September 2018
  • September-October 2018
  • October-November 2018

WUR will provide:

  • The stipend for the artist will be €2400 for 2 months
  • Working spaces for the artist will be provided by the science groups
  • There will be help to search for housing (possibly on the campus)
  • For practical questions a project coordinator will be available for the artist
  • At the end of each period the artist will give an artist talk, supported by the partner-scientist of the theme
  • Two combined presentations/exhibitions for a wider public will be organised in June and November 2018.

Please email the application to [email protected] before 8th December 2017. The application needs to contain information about:

  • Background, education
  • Portfolio of projects, work
  • Website
  • Motivation
  • Preference on period

A selection committee of three persons (including at least one artist) will make the selection of the artists. After the selection there will be a matching -meeting with the scientists of the science groups (possibly by Skype for international applicants) on mid-December. The definitive selection will follow after this matching-meeting (before January 1, 2018).

File Themes creative innovation.xlsx_.docx