ARCUS Project 2020 IBARAKI AiR

ARCUS Project 2020 IBARAKI AiR

ARCUS Project’s artist-in-residence program provides opportunities for emerging artists in the field of contemporary art to cultivate their artistic creativity and vision. Located around an hour from Tokyo, a residency at ARCUS Studio allows participants in the program to come into contact with the contemporary art scene in Japan as well as devote themselves to their creative endeavors in a calm environment while interacting with the local community.

The residency is scheduled for August 27–December 4, 2020 (100 days). The schedule is subject to change.

Program Outline for Applicants from the Netherlands: In the 2020 call for participants ARCUS Project ties-up with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Japanand DutchCulture, centre for international cooperation, as part of the culturalprogram NL-Kanto and one participant from the Netherlands in ARCUS Project will be co-financed by these organizations.

Program Outline for Other International Applicants: Artists with a nationality other than Dutch or Japanese, and who are not based in the Netherlands.

The residency covers:

  • Studio: One classroom converted into a studio is provided for each artist. The studio area is 67.5 square meters (W:9 x D:7.5 x H:3.3 meters) and equipped with internet access (no computer) and air conditioning. An artist is required to bring/prepare the specific tools, equipment, computer, andsoftware necessary for his/her artistic activities. Although minimum tools (e.g. drill, screwdriver, hammer, and saw, etc.) are available, studios arenot equipped with professional facilities such as a workshop, studio for shooting, or editing room.ARCUS Studio also cannot provide an SLR camera, video camera, tripod, or monitor/projector.
  • Accommodation: Each artist is provided with a furnished studio-style apartment that includes basic electric appliances near ARCUS Studio.The artist’s partner is allowed to accompany him/her. However, the artist is solely responsible for a partner’s expenses as well as safety. Please be aware that accommodation provided by ARCUS Project is only for single occupants.
  • Equipment: A bicycle is provided for each artist.
  • Transportation fee: Artists from overseas: Round-trip (economy class) airfare from the international airport nearest his/her home to Narita International Airport or Tokyo International Airport is provided.
  • Allowance: The artist is provided with 180,000 yen for living and other basic expenses and 450,000 yen for expenses related to any kind of his/her artistic activities. In total, 630,000yen is provided for the 100-day program period.

Please read the application guidelines, before filling in the online application form. If you have Japanese nationality, please use the application page for Japanese nationals. Deadline for applying is 12th May 2020.