Arctic letter

Arctic letter

Trans Artists monthly A-I-R mail

no. 21 / Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle is located at a latitude of 66 degree 33' 38" North. In the area, known geographically as the frigid zones, the sun is above as well as below the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least once per year. Here, close to the ice-covered ocean and under a sky full of optical illusions artist residencies offer a great base camp for artistic expeditions.

Sound around the watch-towers

The traditional winter festival of culture in the Barents Region is to be held. The festival consists of plenty events, including various exhibitions, concerts, performances, as well as workshops and seminars.

  • When: January 28 - February 1, 2009
  • Where: Kirkenes, Norway
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Set up in 1978, the Jyväskylä Centre for Printmaking (now under the name Ratamo) is a municipal unit offering professional artists, functional and inexpensive facilities for work.

Visiting artists can rent an accommodation at very reasonable price. It comprises two separate rooms and a shared kitchen and bathroom for 55 euro a week.

Barents borderland expedition

BAR International invites artists to explore the Barents borderland in transition. The location, Kirkenes, just a few miles from the borders to Russia and Finland, has become a transborder town, a gateway to Russia, a laboratory for creative solutions to economic, cultural and social challenges in the border region. BAR facilitates art-production and mediation in the Barents Region: both studio-based work/research and artistic process in public space.

  • Artists are invited to apply for an artist-in-residency in Kirkenes for a period of 1 to 6 months. A new application policy for 2009-2010 will be announced.

90 deg. latitude, 00 deg. longitude

In April 2007, Dutch artist Guido van der Werve created the film 'nummer negen (Dutch for number nine), the day I didn't turn with the world' on the North Pole. By standing on the Pole for 24 hours at 90 deg. latitude, 00 deg. longitude; the geographic northpole, and turning slowly clockwise (the earth is turning counterclockwise), just by following his own shadow, Van der Werve literally did not turn with the world for one day.

In the cold heart of Finland

Through the AiR programme KulttuuriKauppila supports international art activities. The guest artists are provided with time and space to work on the countryside of Finland.

  • Lenght of stay: between 2 and 4 months
  • Costs: 400 euro a month.