The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre 2018

The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre 2018

The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC), Aomori Public University opened in December 2001 as an artistic institution centered on an ‘Artist in Residence’ (AIR) program. Artists who play an active part in the field of contemporary art are invited. During the residency period, there will be an exhibition and various exchange programs to contribute to the creative life. Through creative activities, workshops, and lectures by the artist, the aim of the program is to help the audience gain a deeper understanding of art and to promote international exchange. Therefore, with this AIR program, the aim is not only to support the artist whilst he creates his / her work, but also to use the program as a tool with which to educate the local audience about art. Through the encounters and the interaction between the artists and people in Aomori a new creative space will be born.

The topic of the current open call is “(MO)TION”.

The organizer will pay the following travel expenses according to the Aomori public university’s regulations:

  • Overseas resident: A one time round trip economy class air ticket from the international airport which is nearest to the Artist’s home to Aomori airport (or flight fare + railway fare to Aomori) .
  • Domestic resident:A railway fare to Aomori (one time round trip) from the train station nearest to the Artist’s residence.

*The organizer provides travel expenses after the artist arrival.
*From overseas the amount payable is up to 200,000 JPY, for domestic travel it is up to 100,000JPY.
*The residence means the place for tax payment.
*The organizer does not provide the travel expense coming back to Japan for Japanese artist.
*The expense for the transportation of goods or materials must be paid by the Artist.
*The artist should make arrangements for a visa with which they may enter Japan, if it is necessary. Please enquire at the Japanese Embassy in your country.

The artist should participate in the presentation of artwork and in the exchange program (outlined in another paragraph) during the residency.

Production expenses: The organizer will provide 250,000 JPY in production expenses, in which is included fees for material, employment, research, transportation, display and putting away of exhibition etc (provided that the organizer accepts their necessity).

Expenses for Art Exchange Program: The organizer will provide 75,000JPY as an expense for the art exchange program.

Studio: The organizer will provide the artists with a studio in the Creative Hall and with display space in the Exhibition Hall in ACAC (during the program period only). The artist must share the studio with other artists.

Care of Studio: The organizer will sweep the studio regularly, but the artist should keep his or her own studio clean. When the artist leaves ACAC, they should return the studio to its original condition.


  • The location of each exhibition and the final contents of the work proposal must be decided after due consultation between ACAC (curators and director) and the artist.
  • In principle, the artist should exhibit his or her work by him or herself and care and maintain his or her own work by him or herself during the exhibition.
  • The organizer should prepare any materials necessary for presentation (panels, explanatory captions, etc) of the artwork for the audience. Decisions on any such materials shall be made after due consultation between the artist and ACAC.
  • The gallery has no partitions, and sound loud and echoing.  Requires some adjustment, if the artist would like to use sound or light.

Handling of the Works after the Exhibition: The works must be temporary. the artist should be able to dismantle his or her works by him or herself after the exhibition. Should the artist wish to take that work produced during the residency back home, the artist must pack his or her work alone and pay any expenses involved in packing and shipping.

The artist must participate in the following exchange programs:

  • Artist Talk (Gallery Talk)
  • Lecture, Workshop

The organizer will provide and pay the cost for any materials used in such exchange programs.

Applicants are required to submit by post the documents listed by the due date. Please read the guidelines and follow the instructions detailed when filling in the applications. The applications must reach ACAC no later than May 11, 2018.