Trans Artists monthly A-I-R mail

no. 20 / Animals

Sea monsters

Baer Art Center is located on a beautiful seaside farm in Northwestern Iceland, a 4 hour drive from the capital, Reykjavik. It acts as a temporary residential base for individuals that seek out a unique work environment and a place of inspiration.


Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Glen Arbor Art Association offers several 2 weeks to 2 months creative residencies each year. The purpose of these residencies is to provide visiting artists with a respite from daily responsibilities to enable them to concentrate on their work.


The Cairo Nile crocodile

A residency at Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art is wholly non-prescriptive, while priority is given to proposals rooted in an interest in the resources, both material and human, that urban Cairo and the surrounds may avail to artists.

  • Application may be sent at any time

A.i.R. experience

The basis of the "Townhouse Neighbourhood 1:35" project during the residency of Wouter Osterholt & Elke Uitentuis at Townhouse was a small-scale model of the "Antikhana" neighbourhood, which surrounds the Townhouse Gallery. The maquette is an attempt to unravel the complexity of the urban fabric of this location. They used the recreated miniature landscape as a tool for a workshop for the people that are living or working in this specific part of Cairo.

Wolfs are waiting in the mountaintops

In 80 km from Tbilisi, near the ancient city Kaspi, the village of Akhalkalaki ("new city", formerly a King's city) is located. Here, in the heart a beautiful landscape, Art Villa Garikula is an independent art centre for meetings with local and international artists. It offers residencies, short trips and education, as well as place for symposiums and workshops.

The kings of NYC

Visual artists and curators can apply for residencies at ISCP . Residencies are 3 - 12 months and sponsored by governments, corporations, foundations, galleries or private patrons. Each artist or curator is provided with 24-hour access to a studio and wireless internet. In addition, all participants can use the common areas: Kitchen, lounge and gallery.

Beijing after dawn

You wouldn't think Beijing would play host to many wild animals, but the city apparently has all kinds of snakes, leopards, hog badgers, weasels in the vacinity. Here the Chen Ling Hui Contemporary Space international A.i.R. program, established in April 2008, aims to discover new artists with high potentials and allow them to accumulate valuable creative experiences before entering art market.

Sofia Stork nest rooftops

Even in the heavily urbanized city of Sofia with a population of two millions, wildlife does exis. Only few people are aware that throughout the four seasons, over 70 rare bird species can be observed in Sofia. Here Interspace New Media Arts Center aims to concentrate intellectual, creative and technological potential in working out the adequate structure and working conditions for production and popularization of new media art projects.