AiR in Tainan

AiR in Tainan

International artists participating in residence program of Soulangh Artist Village (SAV) live in a vibrant community of artists and have the opportunity to exchange techniques and ideas with other artists; local and international, emerging and established. Artists live in close proximity to local craftsmen artisans and are encouraged to take the community and local culture as inspiration for their art works. The village has professional wheelchair accessible air-conditioned modern studio spaces, galleries and theatres for exhibitions, workshops and performances.

AIR Theme for 2018 - SAV takes as theme the concept of ‘Site-Specific Art’. The artworks should respond to the Soulangh Artist Village’s environment, including the warehouses, corridors, the railway landscape, the children’s museum, and either the indoor or the outdoor spaces. They should also engage with the locality’s natural and historical sites, and with local communities. Any residents’ programs based in outdoor spaces will be considered as a priority.

SAV offers:

  • Living and working expenses in Taiwan (including personal income-tax and insurance) - partly subsidized (NT$ 30,000 per month maximum). The total amount will be paid in installments. Artists will receive payment directly, excluding any tax. If you have any enquiries about the subsidy, you should notify SAV during the application process or before signing the contract.
  • Presentation expenses - the maximum allocation is NT$ 100,000 (including tax), which will be paid directly to the relevant contractors. The above expenses include: providing a service or materials used in completing workshops, exhibitions and performances, brochure design and printing, dissemination, and expenses for a press conference. Any transportation fees for works are excluded.

Expectations from the artists:

  • During the residency, the selected applicants should provide one type of presentation, such as an exhibition or a performance. If the artist would also like to hold a workshop, this would be highly welcomed.
  • Approaching the end of the residency, the successful applicants are required to complete a report and questionnaire. The report should include details of the residents’ experience, the progress of the project and any relevant feedback.

The application process with deadline 10 December:

  • Online application
  • A letter of recommendation is required. You need to submit at least one letter of recommendation from an artist, curator, director, researcher, or organizational professional. The title and full name of the recommender should be clear, and the letter should be signed personally or attached as a signature file.
  • According to the resident program, if applicants require assistants (i.e., someone who is not an applicant), it is the applicant’s responsibility to notify SAV in the application form, and all eligible expenses for such assistants will be included in the subsidy. No extra expenses will be provided for assistants after submission of the application.
  • All selected artists can apply for accommodation; however, such accommodation is only for resident artists. To maintain the safety, living quality and rights of every single artist, the accommodation is not available for non-artists to stay overnight (including family members, assistants, partners or pets).