5 a.m., somewhere else

5 a.m., somewhere else

I wanted to tell you about the place I am at right now. Words here seem to have a different meaning so I'd thought about writing you every week about the meaning of words here and the stories related to them. From September to the end of November I will be staying as an artist-in-residence at Cemeti Art House in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Next to making works I will also give workshops, a lecture on my work and work for Trans Artists.

Lotte Geeven

week 1 & 2

It begins with a very soft, almost unnoticeable scent in the air. A scent of earthy mud that makes its way from the dark green mountains over the fields, through the smog of dense exhaust fumes produces by millions of motorcycles & trucks, straight through the smell of hot tar, burning rubber, rotting garbage and sweet fruit tones. When the scent arrives, the sky turns imminent dark and a subtle draft blows through the city, down its streets, through its corridors and eventually somewhere in the city it falls from kilometres high onto the sidewalk or on someone's arm: the first drop of rain... >>

week 3

What is the link between a preserved avocado from the year 1952 in a Nescafe jar, a photo of a 42 year old male found inside the stomach of a python and the arc of Noach constructed out of stuffed animals caught somewhere in the state between death and dust?... >>

week 4

Wanna look good, feel confident; wanna be a success and be in perfect shape? Yes you can! For only a little money we make it happen. It is a completely safe procedure. We can do it anywhere you like. Would you like to be a virtuous painter? No problem! We inject one in your hand. Would you like to dance all the stars from the sky and have all eyes on you? No, worry! We'll implant it in your but. Wanna speak fluently in public, your words to be the weight of gold and your charisma that paralyzes the crowd? Yes You Can! Just drop by the susuk office for an appointment... >>