2020 Chashama North

2020 Chashama North

In 2006 Chashama opened the ChaNorth international artist residency in Pine Plains, New York. The ChaNorth residency offers the opportunity for emerging and mid-career artists to work and live in the Hudson Valley for four weeks. Annually the program hosts 49 artists during six 4-week sessions running from April through November. ChaNorth accepts applications in all creative fields, including but not limited to visual arts, choreography, writing, music composition, and performance. National and international artists artists are welcome to apply.

ChaNorth upholds the storied tradition of the Hudson Valley by providing local and international artists with a supportive and secluded environment in which to create new work. The artist residency is embedded in the rural communities of the surrounding towns, serving as a cultural resource for the Hudson Valley. The program offers networking, exhibition and teaching opportunities and promotes awareness and understanding of visual arts in a rural community through engagement with the artists. ChaNorth also sustains a successful partnership with McEnroe Organic Farm to supply healthy, fresh produce for the artist residency through a work exchange program. 

ChaNorth offers:

  • one fellowship award, per season, for a young artist under 30;
  • two solo show awards
  • an annual curated alumni show.

Both solo shows and the group show are presented, the following year, at Chashama exhibition spaces in New York City.

For international artists, they can provide letters of support, but each artist is responsible for arranging their own visa. Artists enrolled in graduate and undergraduate programs at the time of application are not eligible to apply to ChaNorth.

The four week session residency fee is $950 and it includes: Private room, private studio and fully stocked kitchen. The fee does not include: Transportation costs to and from ChaNorth and artist’s material costs. Deadline for applying is 15th January 2020. The application is online, with non refundable processing fee of $30 (US).