Apply any time

Apply any time

Find here residency programmes that welcome applications all year long. Keep in mind that applying for an artist-in-residence program takes a lot of preparation time: we advise you to check this page on a regular base.

Feb 27, May 29, Nov 29

Werkstatt Wendorf (Germany)

Werkstatt Wendorf is a countryside heterotopia: an open attempt to shift reality and view society from a different angle. Literally translated, heterotopia are places in a state of being different,...

Dec 30

Windgate ITE International Residency (United States)

The Windgate ITE International Residency is a collegial experience in which the resident fellows explore new work through research, exploration and collaboration.

The Center for Art in Wood awards for seven prestigious fellowships for the annual Windgate...

Dec 31, Dec 31

Vallauris Institute of Arts (France)

V.I.A., located in downtown Vallauris is an association, which aims to promote the development of contemporary creation in all its forms, yet specialized in ceramics. V.I.A. hosts artists from around the world in a well-suited...

Jan 16

Wysing Arts (United Kingdom)

Wysing Arts Centre has during a period of five years reinvented itself from a small rural arts space serving predominantly local artists into one of Europe's leading research and development centres for the visual arts. Wysing has developed an experimental approach to artistic programming; where a...

Jan 31

Jatiwangi Art Factory (Indonesia)

Jatiwangi art Factory (JaF) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on discourses of local rural life through arts and cultural activities such as festivals, performances, visual art, music, video, ceramics, exhibitions, artist in residencies, monthly discussion, radio broadcast and...

Apr 1

School of Visual Arts (United States)

SVA’s Summer Residencies in New York City offer artists, designers and creative thinkers time, space and a supportive community in which to develop ideas and focus on their artistic direction. In addition to the time-honored studio residencies, a variety of innovative professional immersion programs...

Jun 1

The Unifiedfield (Philippines)

The Unifiedfield is an independent art space and nomadic artist-run organization focusing on the experimental aspects of sound, video and performance art.
Since its inception in 2009, some of the primary goals of The Unifiedfield have been the production and diffusion of new interdisciplinary and...

Nov 1

Spark Box Studio (Canada)

Spark Box Studio’s Artist Residency Program provides live/work space to accommodate both emerging and professional printmakers, photographers, painters, illustrators and writers. Artists-in-residence have access to Spark Box professional studio and resources. The Residency Program affords artists the...

Dec 10

Platform (Finland)

Platform is an artist-run initiative founded in the year of 2000 with the aim of promoting, showing and producing international contemporary art. Platform encourages art projects that take a self-directed orientation to the theme "To have / To own". The focal point for the initiative is to generate conditions for...

Jan 31

Sam Rit Residency (Thailand)

Sam Rit Residency is working as new model of cultural residency in rural North Eastern Thailand open to creative artists of all mediums, arts managers and arts workers, academics, researchers and students. With options for short and long stays as well as partners and children, Sam Rit Residency...