Apply any time

Apply any time

Find here residency programmes that welcome applications all year long. Keep in mind that applying for an artist-in-residence program takes a lot of preparation time: we advise you to check this page on a regular base.

AZALA Space for Creation (Spain)

AZALA is a bicephalous project that combines a cultural and tourist accommodation project. At the origin of its definition, a space for creation.

A space for creation that seeks again and again to deterritorialized itself.


AZALA is a place of encounter and exchange between artists, designers, activists and thinkers....

CeRCCA (Spain)

CeRCCa’s AIR Program responds to the aim of challenging conventional formats. By conventional formats CeRCCa understands the AIRs that offer a space isolated from its socio-cultural context that potentiate individual artistic production of aesthetic objects. CeRCCa believes that the experience of living and creating in a different context has to be facilitated through...

casArte El Hierro (Spain)

Bimbache openART / Asociación Bimbache P.O.C.S. is a registered non-profit and non-government organization dedicated to sustainable ecological, technological and socio-cultural development. Members and associates include leading artists, scientists, thinkers, representatives of different spiritual traditions, politicians, organizations of...

CALLE MAYOR 54 (Spain)

Calle Mayor 54 is a residency program starting 2017; renovated 1920's house where artists are invited to reflect and produce art in a small village surrounded by nature. Calle Mayor 54 is a private initiative whose objective is to boost the art in remote areas. It is opened to visual artists with no age limit, nor restriction on nationality. Artists...

ROOSTERGNN Artist Residency (Spain)

Every resident works on a self-directed creative project throughout his or hers residency. Candidates should detail their project proposal in the application form. It is not required that residents finish an entire project during their stay at the Madrid residency; you can work on a project you have started elsewhere, or work...

Pico del Pañuelo (Spain)

Pico del Pañuelo is a part of a wider project called Culture, Art and Society, which they define in the following terms:

  • Creativity and art at the service of social change
  • Social involvement
  • Imaginary and cultural semiotics
  • Collective thinking
  • Dialogues with art
  • Cultural projects that help...

Fundación Valparaíso (Spain)

One of the Valparaiso Foundation’s main aims is to offer artists from all over the world and from all branches of the arts (writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, visual artists, etc.) a quiet and peaceful retreat where they can concentrate on their art, free from distractions and duties of daily life.

La Postiza (Spain)

LA POSTIZA Creative Centre is situated in Murcia (Southeast Spain), strategically located in a rural historic town and close to natural spaces (la huerta) and the city centre (only 10 mins driving). It is a program for artistic research, production, meetings and exhibitions. It’s an opportunity for artists working in site-specific projects whose aim is to...

Azart (Spain)

For more then 25 years Azart * The Ship of Fools is an independent, sailing comic theatre in the tradition of the itinerant theatre companies. She owns her existence to the dedication of hundreds of artists who have been implicated over the years.

For the period 2014-2016 the ship is moored in...

Casa del Traductor (Spain)

The Casa del Traductor is responsible for co-organizing the residencies for literary translators.