Meetings & Projects

Meetings & Projects

The AiR Platform NL develops meetings, activities, and projects in collaboration with guest studios and partners.


Interact at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven on October 22: lecture program by Platform Werkplaatsen to stress the infrastructures between education and technical work spaces in the arts. With presentations by Dick Rijken (Steim), Ward van der Houwen (TU/e), Jurgen Bey (Sandberg) and a panel discussion with Lex van Lith (Beeldenstorm), Erica Boom (BioArt Laboratories), Igor van Hooff (Sint Lucas), moderator Ranti Tjan ([email protected]). Interact was iniated by Lex van Lith and Ranti Tjan with support of BKKC and StimuleringsFonds. Platform Werkplaatsen programs a lectures series to address different topics concerning the shifting position of independent technical work spaces in the arts. Up next: seminar organized by Frans Masereel Centre in Brussels in January 2016. Platform Werkplaatsen is a collaboration between technical work spaces in the Netherlands and Flanders and AiR Platform NL - DutchCulture|TransArtists. 


How to create space for what is coming toward us ? This question was the starting point of a day of lectures and presentations TransArtists organized on June 4, 2015 at the just opened terrain of the Dutch Navy in the middle of Amsterdam. It was also the day during which we said goodbye to Maria Tuerlings, founder and director of TransArtists since 1997! Read here a report of one of the discussions: Sort of Aloof - artists, curators, designers, and cultural programme directors shared their visions on 'embedding', interpreting and giving meaning to a state of mind: somewhere on the line of coming, being, going.


May 18-19: TransArtists made a roadtrip with Nene Tagakishi of the Dutch embassay in Tokyo, along the Artist-in-residence programs of Buitenwerkplaats in Starnmeer, HotelMariakapel in Hoorn, M4 gueststusio and AGA in Amsterdam.


On May 18th BKKC organized  the second network meeting for AiR programs in the region of Brabant (NL) at the newly opened venue of [email protected]c in Oisterwijk. The meeting hosted a lecture from the research 'Mobile Autonomy' by sociologist Pascal Gielen, and presentations by SEA and [email protected].  Next meeting will take place at Van Gogh Museum AiR program in Zundert November 23.

AiR ARRAY, meeting for artist in residence programmes in Madrid, 9-10-11 March

Art Motile and Matadero Madrid organized a 2-day meeting about residencies, covering topics such as the different types of artist in residence programmes, the local, national and international networks articulating and strengthening the sector, the relation between AiR programmes and other agents of the contemporary art sector. TransArtists’ AiR Platform NL specifically participated in the panel about networks, as well as in a more hands-on workshop about implementation and management of AIR programmes. Furthermore, TransArtists brought its expertise in several panels, and in the workshop about tools and communication strategies for AIR programmes. More info about the program via


TOP GEMAAKT Symposium was co-organized by AiR Platform NL and took place on October 2-3-4, 2014 at the Museum for Texiles in Tilburg and was the festive launch of the platform for technical workspaces for artists and designers (in any discipline) in Holland and Flanders.  While artists and designers explore new concepts of making, technical workspaces develop facilities and expertise for experiment and production. Technical workspaces create connections between art and design, between traditional and new techniques, between makers and principals from science and business. With unforeseen applications as a result.

  • What is the cultural relevance of technical workspaces?
  • Are poetry and experiment conditions for product innovation?
  • How can we share traditional and new skills and knowledge?

Along these lines Top Made highlighted the array of technical workspaces in Holland and Flanders in all their diversity. While the first day focuses on lectures and Best Practice presentations, the second day organizers  took the subjects further in working groups and workshops. Day 3 the technical workspaces in the Netherlands and Flanders opened to the general public to take a look into the workprocess. Read more here >

The symposium was the outcome of a series of meeting since 2012, where the organizers of technical workspaces for artists and designers, of any discipline, have been meeting up in different formations and at different locations in the Netherlands and Flanders. To share ideas about innovation in the field, to exchange experiences and work towards a platform to improve visibility and connect to a wider discourse. AiR Platform NL is part of the group of initiators including AGA, Beeldenstorm, [email protected], Frans Masereel Center.


After the symposium AiR Treffen 2010 in Dortmund and Essen, DutchCulture|TransArtists was again invited by co-organizers Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund and Kunsthaus Essen and by Kunstverein Bochum, to work together on developing a follow up symposium in Dortmund 18, 19 September 2014. The Kunstvereine in the Ruhr area are mapping out ideas and strategies for collaboration and artist-in-residence concepts and reaching out to the international AiR field. *The structure of Kunstvereine in Germany as independent spaces for art presentation within artist collectives is also an interesting history to look into according to this article by Barabara Hess (2010).

" In Germany, where the Kunstverein as an institution was invented at the end of the eighteenth century (in Nuremburg in 1792), there are currently around 300 Kunstvereins with a total of over 120,000 private and corporate members paying annual subscription fees. With these contributions, they support the work of their Kunstverein and enjoy privileges such as free entry, reduced prices for yearly offerings, and other services such as organized art trips and guided tours. Away from the rich cultural life of major cities, Kunstvereins are often the only places where contemporary art – often with a local or regional slant – receives focussed attention in the form of exhibitions and accompanying events. Unlike public museums, they are not under pressure to legitimate their programs via attendance figures, allowing them to operate in a more self-determined and market-critical way.... The early founders of Kunstvereins were generally neither philanthropists nor rich patrons, but representatives of an aspiring, wealthy bourgeoisie wishing, in the period leading up to the 1848 revolution, to challenge the supremacy of the aristocracy not only in economic terms but also culturally."

The symposium focussed on the possibility of generating a regional collaborative network between policy and AiR. The program included presentations by TransArtists and Dutch AiR guests Motel Spatie (Arnhem) and P.A.I.R. (Drenthe). See the full program here.


AiR Perspectives Morocco was a round table discussion and introduction to the field of international artist-in-residence programs in Morocco. The program took place on February 28th in Marrakech including presentations by nine AiR organizations and moderated conversations that addressed subjects as: strategies of work / artists and organizers /local and professional audiences / regional and international scope. The program aimed to introduce AiR organizations as key actors in the Moroccan contemporary art field while providing insight into a diversity of programs and projects for a professional, (inter)national audience. AiR Perspectives Morocco was initiated by DutchCulture|TransArtists, AiR Platform NL, in collaboration with AiR organizations in Morocco and the Marakkesh Biennale, 5th edition.
Report of the meeting > here


Which new artist-in-residence strategies are developed? That was the question during the CreArt seminar SHIFTING artist-in-residence STRATEGIES organized by id11, DutchCulture|Trans Artists with Satellietgroep and Wander. The seminar brought together 80 participants and artist-in-residence programs from the Netherlands, Europe, and Russia, to share the latest insights in artist-in-residence strategies.
Earlier that week the Russian guests arrived in Amsterdam to meet up with their Dutch collegues at M4 gueststudio. From there on, the guests would leave with the Dutch AiR organizers: M4 gueststudio in Amsterdam, Satellietgroep in Scheveningen, P.A.I.R. in Drenthe, Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, Buitenwerkplaats in Starnmeer and Motel Spatie in Arnhem, for an individual visiting and exchange program, throughout different parts of of the Netherlands. After two days all met up in Amsterdam, from where a visiting tour took off for The Hague to Badgast, Wander and 1646, and finally Delft.
Read the report here


TransArtists Platform AiR NL was invited to the Art Motile symposium Artist Mobility and AiR programs, within the context of teh GALA project. In the contemporary art museum of Coruña (Spain), MAC, artists and organizers gathered for talks, workshops and round table discussions with On the Move (Brussels), Res Artis (Amsterdam), Julie's Bicycle (Londen), InterArts (Barcelona) and TransArtists (Amsterdam). As the subject was mobility and sustainability, the line up of conluded with Joya, an artist-in-residency program on art and ecology in the mountains of southern Spain. Two interesting days with challenging discourse concerning arts and sustainability which closed with artists portfolio sessions.









Trans Artists / Platform AiR NL finds out for you, together with our Russian partners. Read here all about our Close Encounters during the 2nd tour of the Mutual Impulse project to Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Ekaterinburg, and Moscow, last November, 2012. Read more >


In February at [email protected] in Den Bosch and in March at Buitenwerkplaats in Starnmeer and Stichting Vrij Glas in Zaandam, Platform AiR NL organized meetings for technical workspaces in the Netherlands.



Hangar garden in Poble Nou and upcoming Art production Centre BAR-Fabra i Coats in Sant Andreu

Art Motile, a platform that informs about artist mobility and AiR opportunities in Spain, invited Platform AiR NL to Barcelona for a three day program on artist residencies and artist mobility in Europe, with Holland as an invited country. At the cultural centre Nau Ivanow, AIR Array took off with a workshop for artists about AiR opportunities followed by a program with guest speakers like Fundación InterartsArtistas Visuales en RedRAIR Rotterdam Artist in ResidenceBuitenwerkplaats residency, and artist Lúa Coderch.
Next to that, while staying at the Hangar residency accomodation, Art Motile organized a three day visiting program to different AiR organizations in the city wich all together provided a thorough update on the current AiR situation, from the artist and organizers perspective alike. Visited AiR programs: Homesession, Bar-Fabra i Coats, HangarLa Escocesa, Jiwar, Experimentem.



Morning in Novosibirsk - New Siberia

After an introduction visit to Moscow and St Petersburg last April, Trans Artists & Platform AiR NL together with M4 gastatelier make a few more stops in Russia in the coming weeks. To meet more AiR organizations and artists, to exchange ideas and thoughts about AiR, and to connect Dutch and Russian colleagues. Read more about the project, reports, and impressions here >


Summer! Third meeting this year for artist-in-residence organizers in the Netherlands and Flanders. An informal network meeting to share ideas, expertise and knowledge in relation to AiR organizations this time takes place at M4 guest studio in Amsterdam. Including artist presentation / performance! Are you involved in these matters and you would like to team up? Contact [email protected] 


Tuesday May 22 Trans Artists / Platform AiR NL organized a meeting for artists and organizers of artist-in-residence programs about facing the unforeseen.

After the nuclear disaster in Fukushima in Japan (March 2011) AiR organizers in the polluted areas wanted to share their experiences and asked Trans Artists to address the subject. This meeting takes a wider scope and addresses also other situations of instability and urgency.

Each artist-in-residence organization needs some basic form of continuity, consistency, and stability. What if this basic garantee of existence is challenged?

  • How do AiR organizers cope with unforeseen situations?
  • How can artists prepare themselves to work in an unstable environment?
  • How do AiR organizers cope with artists, who come from unstable situations?

The program of the meeting included presentations, artist's talks and discussions about the challenges, which artist-in-residence centers in Japan are facing, - next to practical examples how to prepare for entering situations of instability and conflict, and how to deal with those situations. We addressed the issue of receiving as AiR organizers artists in need, who come from unstable situations. And we looked for strategies and structures for sharing expertise and knowledge.

Presentations by: Mami Odai director of Arcus, Japan, Nishiko, Japanese artist based in The Hague, Jan Willem Petersen, architect and founder of Specialist Operations, Amsterdam, Roel Schoenmakers, Cascoland, Amsterdam, Shahin Abdalla (Syria), former artist in resident at Cascoland.

> Read the REPORT

April 20: AiR work meeting at Buitenwerkplaats in Starnmeer

Spring! Second informal work meeting for and about AiR organizers took further the conversation that started on 24th of February at HMK in Hoorn. This time at the Buitenwerkplaats in Starnmeer, a newly renovated farm and workplace for creative professionals and artists to take residence. Impressive site and even more impressive stories. For this meeting joined: Badgast: Jacqueline Heerema (Den Haag), DCR: Puck Verkade (Den Haag), ID11: Rolina Nell and Paul Giessen (Delft), M4 gastatelier: Gaston ter Horn (Amsterdam), HMK: Wouter Sibum en Josine Sibum Siderius (Hoorn), RAiR: Maaike Gottschal (Rotterdam), Kunsthuis SYB: Maja Bekan (Beetsterzwaag), Art Motile: Toni Subira (Barcelona), Trans Artists: Heidi Vogels (Amsterdam), Buitenwerkplaats: Dagobert Bergmans. Click here for more images!

Next meeting in Summer takes place Friday June 22 at M4 gastatelier in Amsterdam. Are you involved in these matters and you would like to join us? Contact [email protected]

April 9-12: Mutual AiR Impulse I, Moscow & St Petersburg

Mutual AiR Impulse is a long term Russian-Dutch project for artists and organizations about  artist-in-residence and other opportunities aiming at boosting cultural inspiration, ties, and development for the benefit of TIME and SPACE for ART.
ArtResideRUS, together with several Russian partnerorganizations, organizes a series of workshops and expert meetings together with Trans Artists / Platform AiR NL. The meetings and workshops take place in Moscow and St. Petersburg to inform artists about using AiR in Russia, the Netherlands, and world wide, and to discuss with (potential) organizers of AiR programs knowledge and experience needed to set up and provide an artist-in-residence program. Read more

March 23 Werkplaatsoverleg in Amsterdam

This meeting was initiated by AGA (Amsterdam), [email protected] (Den Bosch), Frans Masereel Centre (Kasterlee, BE) with Platfrom AiR NL, for arts fascilitating workshop organizations of all diciplines in the Netherlands and Flanders. The meeting was intended to come together, meet and discuss the idea of setting up a platform for artist fascilitating workshop organizations. The meeting appeared fruitfull, sitting together with colleagues from different crafts and diciplines (graphics, printing, textiles, ceramics, glass, wood, metal and bronze faundry, product design) and exchanging ideas, stories and strategies.
For this meeting joined: Rijksakademie: Martijntje Hallmann and Roy Taylor (Amsterdam), Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch: Francine Steegs, Beeldenstorm: Lex van Lith (Eindhoven), Daglicht: Sophie Gobits van Beek (Eindhoven), Flacc: Luuk Nouwen (Genk), Frans Masereel Centrum: Sophie Dederen (Kasterlee), [email protected]: Ranti Tjan (Den Bosch), Stichting Vrij Glas: Anna Carlgren (Zaandam), Grafisch Atelier Friesland: Dik Hageman (Leeuwarden), Grafisch Atelier Utrecht. Platform AiR NL: Heidi Vogels (Amsterdam) and our host, AGA: Kristien van den Oever (Amsterdam). 
Report of the meeting will soon follow. More info: contact [email protected]

Feb 24: AiR work meeting at HMK in Hoorn







Winter! a small group of AiR organizers gathered in the kitchen of HMK in Hoorn. The meeting was initiated by HMK and RAiR in collaboration with Trans Artists Platform AiR NL, to speak about the (upcoming) changes in the Dutch cultural sector and the consequences for artist-run AiR organizations: How do you work, finance, program, organize and collaborate?
For this meeting joined Badgast: Jacqueline Heerema (Den Haag), 1646: Floris Kruidenberg (Den Haag), DCR: Puck Verkade (Den Haag), Het Wilde Weten: Simon Kentgens (Rotterdam), Buitenwerkplaats: Dagobert Bergmans (Starnmeer), M4 gastatelier: Gaston ter Horn (Amsterdam). Organizers: RAiR: Maaike Gottschal, Trans Artists: Heidi Vogels, HMK: Wouter Sibum en Josine Sibum Siderius.
The next meeting is scheduled in Spring at de Buitenwerkplaats in Starnmeer, Summer is reserved for M4 gastatelier in Amsterdam. Are you involved in these matters and you would like to join us contact [email protected] for the latest info. 

AiR meeting 2011: knowledge & location

Scheveningen, September 19, 2011

Trans Artists, Peergroup and Satellietgroep organized a meeting for artist-in-residence organizations to investigate the AiR model that generates research based projects within the local context.

Artist organizations Satellietgroep/Badgast in Scheveningen and Peergoup/P.A.I.R. in Drenthe each developed a very own residency model: a construction of two containers from where artists investigate the changing landscape - the rural landscape of the Northern provinces in the Netherlands (P.A.I.R.) and the sea and coast in Scheveningen (Badgast).  Forthcoming projects connect different networks and knowledge. Local expertise unfolds and takes position in an international art context. The subjects and questions this arises concerns many other residency organisations as well. 

The program addressed the following topics:

  1. How do both AiR organisations put their model to work and what meaning does it generate for them?
  2. How is this model of interest to governmental organizations, funds, businesses, in the Netherlands and abroad?
  3. In what way this AiR model responds to more flexible structures in artistic and scientific research and art education?
  4. How this AiR model relates to questions concerning public space? Could this model be an instrument for addressing public space issues?

The program involved presentations by Henry Alles (P.A.I.R.), Jacqueline Heerema (Badgast), Bert Holvast (president of OMC advisory group EU cultural policies), Iris Schutten (architect and publicist), Rianne Makkink (studio Makkink & Bey, design AIR). Panelists and participants consisted AiR organizations, artists, policymakers and experts in the field of art, research and public space.

Report of the meeting will be available soon.

Artist-in-Residence Treffen Ruhr 2010

October 14 & 15, 2010

It was a great AiR Treffen in Kunsthaus Essen and Künstlerhaus Dortmund! More than 60 people attended two intensive days of brainstorming on new developments in the AiR sector, and reflected upon them from a mutual Dutch-German perspective. Most participants represented artist-in-residence centers and international guest studios. Others represented cities, museums, and 'Kultursekretariaten'. And there were also artists present, and art professionals such as art project coordinators and cultural managers.

In Germany as well as in the Netherlands many artist-in-residence programs have come into existence. But, however near, there is not that much knowledge about what is happening in the AiR-sector on the other side of the border. That's why Kunsthaus Essen, Künstlerhaus Dortmund and Trans Artists organized AiR Treffen: a meeting for and about AiR-organizations from the Netherlands and the Ruhr area.

The AiR Treffen was a big success. The meeting lived up to its aim to learn from each other's visions and practice, to explore possible future collaborations and to see what kind of challenges lie ahead.

Air Treffen Day 1 Kunsthaus Essen

At Kunsthaus Essen all participants gave each other an overview of their programmes and intentions. The first panel "AiR-Flux" made an inventory of current developments. The second panel discussed the resident artist as "Long-Distance Romancer".

Air Treffen Day 1 Kunsthaus Essen

AiR Treffen Day 2 Künstlerhaus Dortmund

Day 2 at Künstlerhaus Dortmund took a more abstract turn, discussing the ways in which AiR programs generate new useful concepts and structures such as "co-working structures" and "alternative academies".

AiR Treffen Day 2 Künstlerhaus Dortmund

Publication & Project - A New Look at Guest Studios

What are the current challenges for international guest studios and residence workshops in the Netherlands and Flanders? This question was central to the project “A new look at guest studios”, organized by Trans Artists and Flemish Cultural Centre De Brakke Grond in collaboration with guest studios in November and December 2007.

The project was a unique opportunity to meet and exchange with artist-in-residency organizations in The Netherlands and Flanders and think about the future. In the publication you find the report of the visits along guest studio's in Flanders, The Netherlands and the conference at Flemish Cultural Centre De Brakke Grond.

The set up of this project was based upon the following questions: Artist-in-residence programmes are popular. The provision of guest studios is growing. This brings changes with it. There is more mutual ?competition? between guest studios. Artists are becoming more selective in making a choice from what is available. The public, sponsors, and the authorities are asking for recognizable results, for visibility. Quality requirements are being tightened. How are the providers of guest studios dealing with this changing situation? And what similarities and difference in approach are there between Dutch and Flemish guest studios? What can be learned from these differences?

Read the report (PDF) or view the article

This project has been made possible in collaboration with:

More information:

  • Order the publication (Dutch) at DutchCulture| TransArtists, 2,50 Euro only!
  • Photoreport on the project at flickr TransArtists