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1 month
Paid by host 

Transfer from Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport to the location - Negarestan Art Centre (Yaqoot Residency), touring, workshop area, and Yaqoot Art Gallery setting, Fine Arts consulting, art classes held in Negarestan Art Centre, full-time hosting, itinerary/course report guides, Wi-Fi internet.

Application guidelines 

Application deadline is the 28th each month for sending the application form via e-mail. For example if you choose "August 1, 2017 to August 29, 2017", you should send them the application form up to 28th in May, 2017. Then, if selected, they'll send you an e-mail 4 to 7 days later. And you should get your visa and ticket to be in Tehran, Imam Khomeini International Airport, on August 1, 2017.


28th each month is the deadline

Yaqoot Art Gallery

Yaqoot Art Gallery

Yaqoot residency


Yaqoot residency is a non-profit and non-political organization and holds ten rounds of residency programs every year. Artists will work in studios and workshop spaces at the Negarestan Art Centre, located in Qazvin, Iran. A really stimulating and flexible environment will be provided for artists from all around the world to have new experiences and create new works. This event is also an extraordinary chance for those group of artists who are looking for growing in recognition and selling of their most recent art works, which is of course, beside the advantage of studying on Persian art and culture, a unique opportunity to introduce themselves to the art world in international levels.
The residency is all the time looking for artists from all around the world to participate in the upcoming rounds of their international artists in residency programs. They accept applications anytime of the year. As you can see in the shots provided, the residency will be in "Negarestan Art Centre", "Yaqoot Residency", and also "Bazaar Cistern". Negarestan Art Centre is the name given to the location which is converted to an opportunity for all resident artists whose works are rarely exhibited. Wanting to display their works, the organizers will prepare an exhibition in this gallery.
Themes and Principles: Art exhibitions, visual arts, calligraphy works (classic and modern), statue works, painting, music, architecture, movies, photography, and theater, art training sessions (Islamic architecture & literature), conceptual and visual Arts, intercultural art exchanges, sculpture, open studios, tours; exploring historical, natural, and art sites, workshops and conferences are welcomed.


Presentation, participation in the open studio and workshops, project development etc.

Accommodation Information 

There are 6 rooms which are both double and single. These vary in size and, according to the occupancy you preffer (i.e. a single or a double, one or more) and might be shared if the applicant artists want so.

Studio Information 

They have a spacious 150 m shared studio, available 24 hours, and all sorts of disciplines which are mentioned in the description are hosted. Most of what is needed from equipment and facilities for different fields of arts are provided in the studio.

Peyqambariyeh St.
Negarestan Art Center
Qazvin 3415755746

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