3 months, 6 weeks, or project-based
Paid by host 

Each Fellow will receive a $1,500 stipend that is paid in increments over the span of the Fellowship.

Paid by artist 

There are no artist fees. Artists are responsible for purchasing supplies beyond the glass that is available in the furnace.


Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center

Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center

Creative Glass Fellowship Program


Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center (“WheatonArts”), founded as Wheaton Village in 1968, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to engage artists and audiences in an evolving exploration of creativity. The mission will be advanced through the interpretation of collections and exhibitions; education initiatives and culturally diverse public programs; residencies and other opportunities for artists. With a history spanning four decades, WheatonArts has earned regional, national and international recognition for its unique collections and programs. The Museum of American Glass is at the heart of the Center, housing the most comprehensive collection of glass produced in America. Located in Millville, center of the nation’s first glass industry, the Museum is one of only 8 museums in New Jersey to be accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.

Serving over 350 artists in the last 35 years, WheatonArts provides an exceptional opportunity for artists to pursue their creative development in one of the finest glass facilities in the country. During their Fellowships, artists join a creative community and have the use of private studios, receive stipends, technical assistance, comfortable housing, institutional support, and are embraced by a dedicated and warm staff, all on a beautiful 50+ acre campus that is truly a creative sanctuary.

WheatonArts offers three-month, Spring residencies and short-term project based residencies. Only artists who have never been through the program may apply for three-month sessions. All artists can apply for a short-term, project-based Fellowship to take place during scheduled times within the months of September – December. However, we request artists new to the program choose one or the other. Fellowship alumni may reapply three years after the conclusion of their previous residency.

For the Project-Based Fellowships, WheatonArts will work to accommodate artists' needs with project-based residencies of various lengths and schedules. Artists are encouraged to submit proposals ranging from standard six-week residencies to intermittent residencies, to short-term project support.


Fellowship receipts will be required to:

  • Submit one work made during the Fellowship to the acquisitions committee for review. If accepted, the work will be included in the collection of the Museum of American Glass at WheatonArts.
  • Capable of assisting other residents when mutually beneficial.
  • Commit to one interaction with the education program that connects to your creative vision.
Accommodation Information 

All Fellows receive one private room in a house located two blocks away from the studio. It is a six-bedroom, two-bath house which is modestly furnished, including cooking utensils.

Laundry facilities are available. Limited linens are available in the house, but you may choose to bring your own as well.

Studio Information 

Each Fellow receives a private studio that is roughly 10' x 10'. The studios are accessible to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The hot shop, however, is unavailable for your use all day Monday. You may use the cold shop, the mold shop, and your personal studio during these times provided consideration is given to those already working in those areas.

There are currently three glass furnaces. A 770 lb furnace for clear glass is used by the entire studio. The secondary furnace, a 1251 lb casting tank, can be used to melt clear. They also have a 270 lb pot furnace. These furnaces are run in different use cycles depending on the entire studio community needs. Fellows will be asked what their goals are in relation to the entire studio. Colors are decided by studio consensus. They melt Spruce Pine 87 Soda Lime Crystal, which has a COE of 96 and fits most commercially available color. It is highly recommended that you perform compatibility tests prior to producing important works. If you need assistance with testing glass, the staff can assist you. The furnaces, as well as all other equipment, are shared tools and require careful scheduling and flexibility in their use.

They have about 20 kilns in the studio. Their uses and sizes range from high to low fire, and from small testing to large casting projects. A list of the kiln sizes and other equipment can be found on page 14. With few exceptions, all kilns operate on 3-phase 480-volt power.

No one is permitted to operate or start any equipment the first 10 days of a fellowship and must be "shadowed" or ask to be monitored so that they are taught how to use equipment safely. For the safety of all studio members, Fellows are never to touch or activate any electrical equipment including breakers of any kind without staff supervision.

Technical Information 

Cold working equipment, a mold shop, and sandblaster are available for your use after proper orientation. In addition, they have mig and stick welders, cutting torches, chop saws and a drill press for metal as well as a wood shop. These tools are available on a limited basis and orientation will be on a by-request basis.

1501 Glasstown Road
Millville, NJ 08332
United States

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