Spanish, Catalan, German and English
Up to 6 months
Paid by host 

Rent and lodging.

Paid by artist 
  • Travel, maintenance, medical insurance and materials. 
  • € 150/month fee for collaboration in the expenses generated by the activity of the center (electricity, gas, etc.), its maintenance and improvement.
Application guidelines 

The artist must be of legal age and send a self-introduction to [email protected] along with a file describing the project. The file must include:

  • A brief, concise description of the project (objectives, methodology and exhibition mode). One-page maximum, PDF.
  • Graphic documentation of previous works, 5M maximum, PDF.
  • An artistic CV Summary. One-page maximum, PDF.

The organizers expect the project to possess professional quality, but more than anything they expect it to be different, daring and ground-breaking. They do not care for its commercial potential but for its authenticity, boldness and ability to innovate and connect with the public. 


Werner Thöni Artspace

Werner Thöni Artspace

WTA Emerging Art Space


Werner Thöni Artspace (WTA) is a space for experimentation, production and exhibition of emerging contemporary art. It consists of a showroom and a workshop-residence for a guest artist or curator, in addition to the studio of visual artist Werner Thöni. WTA regularly offers exhibitions, with particular emphasis on the plastic and visual arts. 
The workshop-residence provides each guest artist or curator with a workplace, lodging and the right to exhibit at WTA Gallery for up to a six month period.
WTA’s aim is to bring art to an interested public while helping artists or curators to create and show their most innovative projects.


Exhibit at WTA Gallery.

Accommodation Information 

Location WTA:

  • 7 m2 room with a height of 1,90 m, equipped with a bed, desk, closet, hangers and drawers for storing clothes. The room is located on a separate floor accesible only by spiral staircase to ensure privacy
  • Bathroom and shower
  • Office with fridge, microwave, electric stove and coffee machine
Studio Information 

 Location WTA:

  • Table (1 x 2 m), printer, scanner, bookcase and pin wall (3 x 3 m)
  • In exceptional cases (if the project requires it): 20 m2 workshop equipped as you can see on their website.
  • Internet access

WTA is located in Gràcia, well known art and cultural district of Barcelona, Spain. Accessible by Metro L4, 5 minuts from Joanic station.

Legalitat 49,
Bajos 1ª,
08024 Barcelona Barcelona

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