German, English
1 - 3 months
Paid by artist 

Rent for room € 600,- per month.

Application guidelines 

Please send via e-mail your short proposal with:

  1. your plan (what, when and why here);
  2. introduction of yourself (short cv);
  3. a confirmation of how you are financing your stay.
27/02/2016 29/05/2016 29/11/2016


February 28, May 30 and November 30 every year

Werkstatt Wendorf

Werkstatt Wendorf


Werkstatt Wendorf is a countryside heterotopia: an open attempt to shift reality and view society from a different angle. Literally translated, heterotopia are places in a state of being different, places of Otherness. They are interested in the heterotopic character of spaces and language, in how the use of different words, objects and spaces can change the world we live in. If you have a project that you feel fits in with this philosophy and you think the countryside is a good place to practice solemn concentration, please send a short proposal.

Accommodation Information 

Small groups and teams are also welcome. Extra rooms for making art, meetings, films and (village) exhibitions available. There is a small cinema (35 chairs) and an outdoor classroom. Werkstatt Wendorf is located in former GDR-school buildings. The aim is to keep some of the buildings' original atmosphere.

Studio Information 

Our 8 rooms and ateliers measure 30 - 60m2 and are spacious and simple. Toilets, showers and kitchen are to be shared with (few) other guests. The kitchen (50-s design) has good cooking facilities, dishwasher etc. There is a large dining room and a square, with herb garden with picknick tables and a Malinese clay oven.

Technical Information 

With separate large atelierspaces for a.o. painting. Water is solarheated.


The village of Wendorf is situated in North-East-Germany, between Hamburg and Berlin. In a landscape midst of woods, lakes and wide fields, with some beautiful old trees. The human population is outnumbered by cranes and geese, beavers, foxes, wild boars and badgers, deer and chickens. Public transport: non-schoolbuses on wednesdays and fridays only. Nearest trainstations: Schwerin and Crivitz.

Schulstraße 39
19412 Wendorf
+49 (0)38486 33961

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