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Werkplaats Diepenheim offers tailor-made solutions in terms of accomodation and production facilities. As a result there are no fixed rates, and solutions are found in mutual agreement. The number of nights and the size of the group are guiding factors, with a basic rule; 50 Euro per person per night which includes the use of the workshop.

Werkplaats Diepenheim

Werkplaats Diepenheim


Werkplaats Diepenheim offers over 850m2 of living space, studios, several equipped workplaces and a multifunctional area with a shared kitchen. It is the first workplace in the Netherlands where artists, theatre and dance companies and amateurs can work on productions individually or together.

In addition, the workplace includes an indoor and an outdoor stage for rehearsals and shows at the Herberg De Pol Culture Centre, near Werkplaats Diepenheim. The Culture Centre has its own special, distinctive programme with theatre, dance, music and other performing arts. In brief: Werkplaats Diepenheim is a place where theatre producers, musicians and dancers, video & film artists, writers, designers and artists can create anything in the Twente area.

Accommodation Information 

The total floor space of Werkplaats Diepenheim is 850m². In the common space of 55m²  artists can cook and have a meal together. Furthermore there are three workshops respectively 134 m², 74 m² and 87 m², and an atelier of 61 m². The Lithography workshop is a separate, fully equipped space.

Studio Information 

There are four apartments: two single apartments and two apartments with a communal area and two bedrooms, all equiped with a kitchen and sitting area. Werkplaats Diepenheim can house up to twenty people. Upon request, people may be accommodated in the near vicinity of the residency.

Hagen 3
7478AJ Diepenheim
31 (0)547 352122

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