English, Dutch, French
8 weeks
Paid by host 

W-o-l-k-e takes on all the expenses associated with your actual stay (water, electricty, internet etc.). Besides this, w-o-l-k-e offers you acces to their broad network in the artistic world, follow-up, a public event and exposition space for concluding your stay here, as well as the communication and promo efforts surrounding the surround the event.

Paid by artist 

888 € for two months

Application guidelines 

To apply simply send information you think might be convincing to [email protected]

w-o-l-k-e Residency

w-o-l-k-e Residency


A w-o-l-k-e-residency takes place over the course of two months in the buildings of an old filmstudio. During your stay you will have access to a private room and a shared kitchen and bathroom. You will also have access to a shared studio, an office space and a collaborative workplace.


Your residency will end with a public event, where you can show your work. Other (local) artists and organisations might join at the event.


In the heart of Brussels City in a 11&12th floor penthouse. Adress: Vaartstraat 45 Rue du Canal, Brussels.

Sint-Huibrechtstraat 12-14
1150 Brussels

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