Finnish, English
Maximum 2 months
Paid by artist 

The price in 2016 is: 34 euros a night per person, for the first 14 nights; thereafter the price is 14 euros a night a person.

Application guidelines 

The residency application process is continuous. Applications are processed within one month of being received. To submit an application, please use the application form on the Villa Eläintarha website.

In order to be considered as an applicant:

  • You must be professionally and continuously engaged in the field of arts or culture;
  • You should preferably be a foreign national or a Finnish artist permanently resident abroad;
  • Your need for accommodation in Helsinki must be for artistic work and not for instance for a holiday. Artistic work may include background research for an artwork, finalising an exhibition of one or more artworks, or other concrete activities related to your work as an artist. All branches of the arts are acceptable.
  • You must apply for a residency period of no less than one week and no more than approximately one month.


Villa Eläintarha

Villa Eläintarha


The unique residence is an old, lately restored villa, originally built in 1889. It is located in a pittoresque Eläintarhanlahti Bay area together with eight other wooden villas nearby. The villa is surrounded by a little park in the waterfront. It is situated near city center with public transportation nearby, but still having its tranquil athmosphere. The villa offers for its guests a pleasant home away from home.

The residence Villa Eläintarha is part of the City of Helsinki Culture Office, being one of the ten operative units of the Culture office. It promotes and supports culture by offering unique and low cost living facilities for  artists working in Helsinki.

Accommodation Information 

The residence upstairs consists of 5 bedrooms for one person. Three of those rooms also have an extra bed. Individually decorated rooms are equipped with basic furnishing and also towels and bedwear.

The guests have a living-room with tv to share, as well as 2 toilets, 2 showers and a kitchen. The kitchen is fully equipped (oven, dishwasher, coffeemaker, dishes etc.), so the guests can prepare their meals. The house offers also the use of a washing machine and dryers.

Studio Information 

The Villa has no separate studio spaces, workrooms or exhibition rooms. The rooms are only suited to small-scale work, e.g. computer-based work, writing or sketching.


The Villa is located in the centre of Helsinki.

00530 Helsinki
+ 358 400 293484

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