Visual Arts Architecture
italian / english
8 days
Paid by artist 

The full cost of the residency is 250,00 euros and it includes the participation to the workshops and accommodation in rooms or mini-apartments located in Cancelli settlement or closed areas. Travel costs and board at the expense of the participants. The Cancelli sole and genuine restaurant will provide meals at an affordable price agreed for the workshop participants.

Application guidelines 

The call is open to artists, art curators, architects, cultural operators. The deadline for application is the 12th August 2014, the selection is based on CV, portfolio and geographic distribution.

To apply fill the form online available on www.viaindustriae.it and send it together with a CV, a portfolio, a copy of an ID and a brief motivation letter at [email protected]




manufatto in situ - summer workshop residency


VIAINDUSTRIAE is a cultural non-profit organization and a collective, active since 2005 with specific projects of contemporary art, which offers education needs and conceive the cultural project as a creative, modular and open practice that can be also meant as inclusive and socially permeable. In its practice, it aims at investigating the intermediate territories between art and architecture, new forms of communication and it seeks to build the context in every project that is capable of activating the artistic message, through different forms: displaying, artistic and performative interventions or curatorial project. VIAINDUSTRIAE establishes a relationship with the artists whom seeks to engage with and enhance co-operation and co-generative instance of artistic production, by conceiving interventions where at the base there is the creative process seen as a horizontal structure and network platform enlarged to include more subjects. The attention to the local territory and themes of landscape, social design, the relational modalities and performativity in public space.

Description of the summer residency programme:

MANUFATTOinSITU is a residency workshop started in 2007 with the intention of contributing to the regeneration of the landscape of Cancelli (Umbria, Italy), exposed to a massive depopulation especially after the earthquake in 1997. The residency considers rural and inhabited territory a source of inspiration for the contemporary artistic research in the landscape, with the idea of creating an art park in Cancelli. Since the 80’ies the area of Cancelli attracts art interventions in relation to nature and landscape, involving artists such as Sol LeWitt, Ann&Patrick Poirier. During the last 6 years, the Association Viaindustriae coordinates a workshop/artist residency for young artists, architects and curators.


Manufatto in situ/Cancelli Landscape puts in place a model of work and habitable condition in marginal and sensitive areas.

On this occasion of debate on the artistic practices of cultural resistance Manufatto in sito uses filings, testimonies, proposals, artistic traces from the entire corpus of the archive Park for art / Artifact will be told a human landscape and an artistic excursus starting from the first on site work, dated 1981, by Sol Lewitt Sole Bianco.

The macro-theme of the inquiry, therefore, is that of militancy and the presence and proactive resistance in the area, the city; the structure of the meeting will provide points for reflection and investigation of the meaning of the associative and cooperative act, the idea of ​​mission, and the comparison with similar realities that deal with art as a shared practice.

Accommodation Information 

Accommodation in rooms or mini-apartments located in Cancelli settlement or closed areas.


Cancelli is a small, isolated mountain village 10 km far from Foligno (200 km from Rome and Florence).

Art Park Cancelli

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