Visual Arts Curating
1 to 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the project
Paid by artist 

Monthly: € 1.200 and weekly: € 350, including:

  • Accomodation;
  • Free access to the Office and the working space inside the building (90 sq);
  • Insurance coverage;
  • Technical assistance during the creation and the set up;
  • Opportunity to collaborate with students from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, a net of local artisans, manual labourers;
  • Networking with institutions, curators, gallerists, collectors and other artists;
  • Exhibition space for the final presentation (N.B. production costs are not included but - if interested - should be provided as extra fee. Nevertheless they always provide the space for a public presentation or talk at the end of the residency);
  • Curatorial tutoring by Kaninchen-Haus;
  • A small staff available for assistance, translation and studio needs;
  • Press office, networking, communication and promotion activities: viadellafucina16 boasts a press office and a mailing list with more than 14.000 contacts; social channels (Facebook more than 4000 followers, Twitter, Instagram);
  • Possibility of public talk, workshop, masterclass, open to the local community
  • Video and Photo documentation of the residency;
  • Individual presentation at the end of each residency;
  • A final collective exhibition during the Turin Artweek (November) within the context of NESXT and Collective VDF AIR catalogue publication presented every year during the Artweek.

Travelling, foods and production costs are not included.

In case of selection the organziers will be glad to assist you in the process of requesting funding by providing you with a formal letter of invitation.

Application guidelines 

Online application.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and selected artists will be notified via email. After the acceptance, the artist will need to pay a deposit* of 40% of the total fee within 10 days, upon the agreement of the Term and the Conditions. The deposit can be paid via paypal or bank transfer. Details will be eventually communicated with the letter of acceptance.
*Cancellation policy: The deposit won’t be refunded. The residue fee amount should be paid 15 days prior to the module start date. 






viadellafucina16 is an international artist-in-residency programme launched by Kaninchen-Haus in 2017, with the aim of giving life to the world’s first experiment of a Condominium-Museum. The residency occurs within a 19th-century building, that we find today in a complete state of abandon and decline. More than two hundreds people of different nationalities inhabit this apartment complex located in the heart of the Turin’s district Porta Palazzo, where the biggest open market in Europe rises.
Through an international open call, whose 1st edition received 442 candidacies, artists have been invited to realize their artwork in the common areas of the building, with the purpose of promoting its regeneration and activating a dialogue among the different communities of tenants.
The winning projects have been selected by the inhabitants themselves (about 200 of various nationalities, living in 53 apartments) together with a committee of curators and insiders, on the basis of the artists’ ability to engage the community in the design and production of the artworks, to interpret the community’s desires and to activate new forms of sociality through a process of co-creation and collective care. The apartment complex – a place where we experience the first form of democracy, and intersection point between the public and the private domain – opens itself to the artistic practice as an activator of aesthetic and social regeneration. It becomes thus a symbolic space where a community can represent itself, in the same way as, in the past, artwork inside palaces used to represent the prestige of noble families.

The work done in a bit more than an year made the complex a multifunctional hub for artistic and cultural production and a unique workshop for social innovation. The artists are hosted inside the Condominium-Museum, within an apartment managed by Kaninchen-Haus. They have access to the office, the meeting room, the bookshop – cafeteria ( former doorman’s quarters) and a collective studio facing the shared garden (300 sqm). Moreover, artists can exhibit and set up their projects and artworks both in the common areas or in the exhibition spaces managed by Kaninchen-Haus, inside the building. In order to make the project replicable. the entire process is constantly documented and monitored by a young team of sociologist from the University of Turin . viadellafucina16 constructs itself as an innovative juncture between the artistic practice and the living fabric of a defined community that, by experimenting within a small context, aspires to prove how art and culture can become effective tools to solve conflicts and lead to a collective transformation.

The 2nd edition of VIADELLAFUCINA16 residency programme is addressed to artists and curators, regardless of age, gender or nationality. The organizers are particularly interested in emerging or professional artists and curators, whose researches demonstrate a coherence with the concept of Condominium-Museum and its guidelines, or more in general, with the thematic that Kaninchen-Haus has examined over the course of its history.
Actions and artworks to be realized in the common spaces of the Condominium-Museum (hall, garden, terrace, five floors, stairs) as well as cultural activities able to engage with the community of the Condominium and/or the neighborhood, enabling new relations and dialogues. By way of example, they could be:

  • paintings, graphics, light or interactive installations, audiovisuals experiments or films, performances, action in the garden, and in general, participatory and relational activities, able to forecast since the beginning, the possibility of being modified, developed by the live interactions and exchanges with the communities;
  • projects addressed to the local community, the neighborhood, the district of Porta Palazzo, or a specific target located in the city of Turin;
  • workshop or seminar proposals;
  • projects development about the relation between art and new technologies.

Artist are free to donate their artworks, which will be part of the permanent collection of the Condominium-Museum.

Accommodation Information 

Furnished bedroom within a two bedrooms apartment within the Condominium-Museum, Internet access, electricity and a fully-furnished kitchen.


The historical area of ​​Porta Palazzo defines the headquarters of the residence. Porta Palazzo – the largest open market in Europe, the point of reception in the city’s history of multiple migration waves – will provide not only the platform where artists can live and work, but will also be the thematic center of their interventions, to be developed through completion of works inspired by history or places of the district, site-specific projects which engage the population, etc.. The name of the residence “viadellafucina” (forge street) is borrowed from the ancient name of Via La Salle, where kaninchen-haus established, and where a forge once stood.

via S. Giovanni Battista de la Salle 17
10152 Torino TO

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