Dutch, English
2 months
Paid by host 

The selected artist (or artists group) will get a stipend of € 7.000,- (Seven Thousand Euros) for the participation in the whole programme (research, residency, presentation) to cover all living expenses (paid in three installments). An operational budget of up to € 5.000,- will be provided for the realization of the project, documentation, communication and presentation. Travel expenses will be covered up to an amount of € 2.000,-. Accommodation and studio will be provided free of charge.

Application guidelines 

The application consists of:

  • The completed application form
  • A text (max. 4000 characters/ one A4 page) outlining the applicant's interest, ideas or concepts for their projects: They ask the artists to convey possible working methods, approaches, motivation or aims, but they do not ask for a concrete project proposal!
  • A documentation of max. 5 previous artistic projects

Please send all above information (in english or dutch) in a single .pdf file (max. 5 MB) via email to:



The next open call for the program is expected in 2019, t.b.a. in due time
paid by host
only one resident
children allowed

Van Abbemuseum

Van Abbemuseum

Artistic Strategies in Psychiatry


The Van Abbemuseum and the GGzE (Mental Health Care Institute Eindhoven) invite national and international artists or artist groups working in the fields of socially engaged art, community art, participatory art, art & science, social design or other related fields to apply for the Artist in Residence Programme “Artistic Strategies in Psychiatry”. During the two months residency on site at the GGzE, the artists are asked to develop and realize site specific projects of high artistic quality and innovative approaches that have a concrete, positive and lasting impact which relate to one or more of the following objectives:

  • reducing prejudices in society against mental health care and psychiatric illnesses
  • dealing with specific needs and problems of clients, ex-clients, their relatives or friends
  • enhancing the inclusion of clients or ex-clients in society
  • improving the living conditions and environment of clients or ex-clients
  • improving the working conditions and environment at the GGzE
  • making a concrete, positive and lasting impact on the institution, its clients or staff

The Residency consists of three phases:

Research phase: The selected artists are invited to visit Eindhoven for a 3 - 5 days research trip in spring 2017.

Residency phase: The selected artists will work on site at the GGzE for the duration of two months in October and November 2017.

Presentation phase: The project will be presented in a suitable way, the location and the date of the presentation depend on the requirements of the project. The artists will be present for the presentation.

Artist collectives or groups up to 5 people are encouraged to apply. (Budget will not increase) Artists can bring their partners or family members but accommodation arrangements must be discussed.


The projects they are looking for are site-specific projects to be realized at the GGzE. However, the project will be presented at the end of the residency and the Van Abbemuseum will host the presentation. Depending on the requirements of this presentation, it could take place on site at GGzE or at a suitable and available space in the museum. The documentation of the project will be integrated within the Arte Útil Archive.

Accommodation Information 

Accommodation will be provided by Van Abbemuseum. Artists will be accommodated in a fully furnished house near the city centre.

Studio Information 

The studio space is located on site of the GGzE. It is a separate, furnished room with wifi. Specific arrangements can be made on request by the artists.

Technical Information 

The artists will have access to workshops on site of the GGzE (woodworking, bookbinding, gardening, etc.). The artists can use the office infrastructure of GGzE (Telefone, Fax, Internet, Printing, Scanning, etc.). Access to additional workshops or infrastructure can be arranged on request by the artists.The artists can use the Library of Van Abbemuseum and the Archive of Arte Util. Technical consultation by the Van Abbemuseum can be arranged on request by the artists.


The invited artists will be provided a studio to work on site at GGzE in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Mental Health Care Institution, its clients and staff. They should  envisage a close cooperation with the GGzE and the Van Abbemuseum as well as with local or national institutions, organizations, communities and individuals which are concerned with issues according to the submitted projects.

Bilderdijklaan 10
5611 NH Eindhoven

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