English, Spanish
1 month
Paid by host 

Artists are provided a stipend of $750.

Paid by artist 

Artists cover travel and any additional costs beyond the stipend. UP both encourages artists and will help facilitate applications for additional funding.

Application guidelines 

Artists are encouraged to view past projects of residents artists before applying. The application can be found online and the fee for application is $15.
Applications will be reviewed and notified quarterly; Candidates should apply at least 6 months in advance i.e. if you're applying between September 1st - December 31st you will be considered for residencies during the months of July 1st - September 30th. Notifications will go out approximately 2 weeks after the deadline.

31/12/2020 31/03/2021 30/06/2021



Unlisted Projects

Unlisted Projects


Unlisted Projects cultivates & facilitates interdisciplinary meeting points for visiting national/International artists amid a local landscape. They catalyze & nurture connections between visiting artists & the Austin arts ecosystem.

Unlisted Projects’ visiting artists live & work along a thriving community of 25 in-house creatives & are supported to collaborate with the greater Austin art community. The program provides studio/living space & working stipend, ensuring that each artist’s experience is productive & comfortable. Each residency period culminates in a public presentation of new work. The program’s mission is to support, sustain, accelerate & grow interdisciplinary collaboration between Austin & national/international artists.


Public presentation of any sort, varies per project and flexible.

Accommodation Information 

Resident artists are provided with a 1970s trailer on site and artist studio inside The Museum of Human Achievement.

Studio Information 

16'x12' artist studio with 14ft tall ceilings. 2 large barn doors open out to the common area of the space, providing a flexible space that sometimes doubles as a small gallery and a natural organic connection to studio artists at The Museum of Human Achievement.

Technical Information 

UP and The Museum of Human Achievement foster a welcoming and intentional community of artists and arts administrators, as well as a number of useful tools and facilities at the resident artists' disposal. The building is equipped with a dark room, co-working space, 1000 sq ft gallery space, venue area with PA, vinyl record cutting lathe, VR headset, tool library and various audio/visual equipment. Both the gallery and the venue host monthly exhibitions, weekly performance events and occasional educational programming; artists in residence are encouraged to participate in the development of the programming activities. MoHA is located in a thriving neighborhood near multiple local restaurants, work-focused coffee shops and businesses, as well as a multitude of neighboring art/creative spaces, including Canopy, Big Medium, ATM Gallery/Studio, Tillery Park, Pump Project and Not Gallery. They welcome every medium imaginable and individuals whose work is outside the box. Residents will live on-site in a climate controlled renovated 1970s trailer with a private yard.

3600 Lyons Rd.
Austin, TX 78702
United States

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