4 months - spring semester of 2013 (January 4-May 12)
Paid by host 

The selected Artist will receive an honorarium of $8,000, and will be required to teach two courses. The selected Artist would have the opportunity to teach additional courses. Additional courses would be compensated at current adjunct rates ($1,500-$2,750 each). Courses available include:

  • Three Dimensional Design
  • Sculpture
  • Survey of Western Art History (Renaissance-1950)
  • Web Design/Graphic Design
  • Digital Photography
  • Art Appreciation
  • Printmaking

In addition to monetary compensation, the recipient will receive the following:

  • Free parking on campus
  • Use of the fitness center, swimming pool, library and other campus facilities
  • 24-hour access to the art studios
  • An exhibition in the Greer Museum, including cards and opening costs
  • Mileage reimbursement for outreach activities.
Paid by artist 

All costs related to housing, meals and purchase of materials for the creation/installation of artwork will be the responsibility of the artist.

Application guidelines 


  • Applicant must have an MFA or equivalent experience as a visual artist.
  • Applicant must have an active exhibition record at the national/international level.
  • Applicant must be a US citizen, or possess a valid work visa.
  • Ideally, the applicant will have 1-3 years teaching experience at the college level beyond graduate school.

Procedure: Applications must be sent by postal mail and be received by October 15 in order to be considered. Find the application requirements on the URG website (.pdf).


University of Rio Grande

University of Rio Grande

Artist in Residency Program


The selected Resident Artist will be required to work in the University´s studios two days a week, teach two courses and will receive a combined honorarium and teaching salary of $8,000. Other courses may be assigned based on the applicant’s interest and abilities, which would result in additional compensation. Other requirements include conducting one or more workshops for the general public, visiting area schools, and giving a lecture to the campus community. The selected artist will receive 24-hour access to URG studios, and an exhibition in the university gallery during the following academic year (2013-2014).


  • The selected artist will be required to live in the vicinity of the University of Rio Grande, and work in the URG studios a minimum of two days/week. 
  • The selected artist will be required to teach two undergraduate courses at the University of Rio Grande. Each section will have between 12 and 24 students, and will meet two-three days/week.
  • The selected artist will also be responsible for all grading, class prep, syllabi and handouts, acquisition of materials, etc. required to conduct these courses. 
  • The selected artist will be required to conduct at least one workshop for the general public, and at least two visits to area schools promoting the arts.
  • The selected artist will also be required to present a public lecture of her or his work to the university community.

exhibition, public lectures, teaching

Accommodation Information 

Apartments are available in the area. Accomodations are not supplied by the University.

Technical Information 

Modern Mac Lab, Darkroom, Printmaking (etching/woodcut, litho and screenprint facilities), metal and wood shop, kilns and ceramics facilities, small foundry, painting/drawing spaces


Rio is a small community college and liberal arts university located in rural southeastern Ohio, approximately 50 miles from Athens OH and Huntington or Charleston WV.

C/O School of Fine Arts, 218 N. College Avenue
University of Rio Grande
Rio Grande, OH 45674
United States
+1 740-245-7372

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