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One week to three months
Paid by host 

Tlacopac covers costs of pickup and dropoff at airport, and basic food supplies - no meal preparation. Tlacopac makes arrangements for artists to give master classes, open rehearsals, or art-sharing with Mexican colleagues. As a new organization, Tlacopac is seeking a scholarship fund to be created from fees paid by large institutions, as well as from grants.

Paid by artist 

Fees are negotiable. Tlacopac asks $375 per week for individual artists, $2500 per week for groups. THESE ARE NOT FIXED COSTS but can go up or down depending on each artist's needs, abilities, and requests. Food and housekeeping are provided, but not meal preparation. Tlacopac is developing a program whereby artists might pay or defray costs by providing services such as marketing.

Application guidelines 

Online application. $25.00 USD application fee.

Underqualified artists with financial means are not admitted, nor are highly qualified artists without financial means excluded. Artists submit work samples, one letter of recommendation, a CV/resume, and a letter about why they are the right person for this resume at this time. There are no deadlines.



Tlacopac International Artist Residency

Tlacopac International Artist Residency


The mission of the twinned binational organization Crossing Bridges/Puentes y Redes is to facilitate cultural exchange between the traditional-to-contemporary arts of Mexico and the rest of the world. Believing that it is quite difficult to change horses in the middle of the stream, Tlacopac, the Mexico City artist residency of CR/PR, has from Day 1 been open to indigenous artists, AfroMexico, AsianMexico, senior, LGBTQIA, self-taught, and other artists; artists with disabilities.

In part, Tlacopac focuses on Mexican cultural, artistic, and architectural history, since it was founded in a house commissioned by US painter and jewelry designer Annette Nancarrow, who lived her entire adult life in Mexico and made a career there. It was designed by Mexican architect Manuel Parra, ahead of his time for recycling colonial building materials into modern buildings at an internationalist phase in Mexico's history where ancient properties had little value. And it was lived in by Nancarrow and her third husband, US-born, Mexican-naturalized avantgarde composer Conlon Nancarrow. As part of the great cultural ferment that took place in Mexico between the two world wards, the house received national and international artists of all forms and disciplines.
The house continues that tradition, opening itself to artists of all disciplines, ages, nationalities, ethnic, religious, economic, educational, and other backgrounds. It receives painters, poets, composers, playwrights, sculptors, photographers, textile artists, and others. Yet it is unusual in its ability to receive groups or university or conservatory programs of 12 - 15 dancers, musicians, and theater people, as - unique to only 6% of artist residencies worldwide - it counts on a large column-free wood-floored studio - 5.2 X 12.8 meters wood floor, 6.6 X 17.9 complete, 3.06 meters height - for rehearsal and small showings - none open to the general public.
The space provides gardens, natural light, high ceilings, patios, rooftops, sauna, steam room, a private art collection, 5 large bedroooms, 2 with private bathroom; massive fireplace, quiet, isolation, a home-like quality. For artists who are interested, the bilingual Spanish-English staff provides deep immersive experiences for visiting artists to share their process with their Mexican counterparts.


The artist is not expected to produce a particular project during the residency. The artist is requested to be open to and curious about Mexico's rich cultural heritage. All artists to date have requested that Tlacopac arrange an immersive experience with their Mexican colleagues - a master class, an open rehearsal, a club performance, portfolio sharing. This can be arranged on request, but is not expected or required.

Accommodation Information 

Tlacopac has 5 large bedrooms. 2 have private bathrooms. All have natural lighting, high ceilings, window seats, views of the gardens, skylights. Some bedrooms can house up to 4 people.

Studio Information 
  • There are two small studios in the quiet rear of the garden, on the back of the large gymnasium/studio space. Opaque glass allows natural light in while guaranteeing privacy. There is a solid wall between these studios but no door, so if one artist prefers to listen to music while working and the neighbor doesn't, one should use headphones.
  • The large wood-floored gymnasium looks out on the garden, and is located above the sauna and steam room. It has a 3.06M high ceiling. The wood-floored column-free space is 5.2 X 12.8 meters. With the carpeted edge and moveable seating, the total space is 6.6 X 17.9M. For the National Dance Company of Mexico, it comfortably held 25 students and 7 teachers. 
  • Many artists choose to work in their bedrooms, which are large enough for many types of creation. Other artists have used the large garden, or the dining room, library, patios, or rooftops. 
  • Since Tlacopac opened only in 2019, the music studio is not yet outfitted. They are currently polling 5 composers who were in residence in 2019 to assemble a list of equipment which the organisers will be purchasing to meet their needs. They are in negotiation with the adjoining house that belonged to composer Conlon Nancarrow for its use as an additional studio and space for small performances.
Technical Information 

There is strong wifi and a communal printer/scanner.


Colonia Los Alpes is former farm country in the southern part of Mexico City. Although developed now, the area retains large gardens, walled houses, safety, and quiet. Faintly, with effort, one can hear a traffic hum in the distance. Yet a 5-minute walk takes the visitor to shops, restaurants, markets, shopping centers, the subway, major thoroughfares, of which one is completely unaware inside this large green oasis full of large trees, birds, and vegetation.

Calzada de las Aguilas 48B, Ampliacion Los Alpes
Mexico City 01710

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